Thanksgiving Fashion

Thanksgiving Fashion - Dad

“My Dad likes to keep us guessing with his Thanksgiving fashion.”

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Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes - Grandma

“Nobody wanted to tell Grandma her dish with ‘slots for spoons’ was really an ashtray.”

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Give Thinks

Give Thinks - Mom

“And my mother-in-law wonders why her Thanksgiving napkins were on sale.”

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Thanksgiving Art Appreciation

Thanksgiving Art Appreciation - Awkward Galleries

“On Thanksgiving, our family recreates famous paintings. Last year we did ‘Crossing the Delaware.'”

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In Awkward Galleries • November 23rd, 2016 • 4 Comments »

Feel The Heat

Feel The Heat - Thanksgiving

“Our Thanksgiving Day catastrophe. The handle on the new oven came undone and smashed the glass.”

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There’s Two in Our Family

There’s Two in Our Family - Kids

“Family Thanksgiving Dinner. Everyone is so serious except for the two weirdos in our family!”

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In Kids • November 23rd, 2016 • 1 Comment »

Dad The Garnish

Dad The Garnish - Dad

“Dad decided to kneel next to us in front, so it looks like his head is some kind of garnish for the turkey. I think this is 1979 or maybe 1980. Both of my grandparents lived a few miles apart so when we were little, we spent most holidays at one place.  My grandmothers are in the middle.  I’m the little blonde girl in the front.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

In Dad • November 23rd, 2016 • Comments Off on Dad The Garnish
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