Family Portrait

On Golden Pond - Behind The Awkwardness

On Golden Pond

“A very short-lived photo studio opened at the mall near our house and my brother and I begged for months to get our family photo taken there.  Finally, our parents relented and  our family spent a glorious evening trying a variety of poses and costumes before selecting this gem.  The real highlight came with people’s reactions to the photo after we had it framed and placed over the fireplace.  Because this was before the advent of Photoshop, a lot of people ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT THIS HAD HAPPENED…even one of my brother’s girlfriends.”

(submitted by Allie)

Shock & Awe - Family Portrait

Shock & Awe

You have to hand it to Mom, for being the only one to hold it together.

(submitted by Katie)

Reach Out And Touch - Family Portrait

Reach Out And Touch

So close but yet so far.

(submitted by Frank)

Heads Up - Behind The Awkwardness

Heads Up

“My Mother got a great deal on this family portrait, mainly because it wasn’t meant to be for a family THIS size. But we were all together, so she was determined to make it work.”

(submitted by Kathryn)

Eyes Wide Shut - Family Portrait

Eyes Wide Shut

She has her mother’s eyes.

(submitted by Chris)

Home Sweet Home - Easter

Home Sweet Home

Warm and fuzzy.

(submitted by Katie)

Hide And Seek 2 - Black And White

Hide And Seek 2

The invisibility cloak needs new batteries.

(submitted by Fritiof in Sweden)

Selfies - Family Portrait


Awkward Rule #723: The self-frame.

(submitted by Tim in Canada)

Around The Bend - Family Portrait

Around The Bend


(submitted by Vicky in the UK)

Sunny Days - Family Portrait

Sunny Days

The yellow accents really bring out the yellow accents in this family.

(submitted by Jeffrey)