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Family Portrait

Float On

“My Mom holding my older brother under my Dad’s floating head (1982).”

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Professor Plum

“When I was four my Mom sent my Dad to buy me a suit and take some pictures. This is what he came back with.”

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Band Of Brothers

“I was at my friend’s house and saw this picture of him and his brother.”

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One Big Happy

“My family looks like we belong on an episode of Investigation Discovery.”

(submitted by Gwen) 

In The Flesh

“My awkward family photo from the 70s.”

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“For our first family portrait, the photographer told my younger sister to make sure not to blink and to smile nice and big. All of the pictures came out like this.”

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Mom’s Masterpiece

“My mom missed a group photo, so she offered to Photoshop herself in.”

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Acid Reign

“Our acid wash jeans runneth over.”

(submitted by Molly)

The Kicker

“That’s my brother’s leg sticking out. The fact that this is the photo my parents decided to purchase says a lot about the way I turned out.”

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Drop Zone

“We’re good parents, I swear.”

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