Family Portrait

They Gotta Wear Shades - Family Portrait

They Gotta Wear Shades

(submitted by Sue)

Here’s Looking at You, Kid - Family Portrait

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

“Photo c.1962. Note that there are actually 4 people in this photo, count the shoes. The kid in the back with the single eye visible, is my father.”

(submitted by Andrew in Norway)

Walk Like an Egyptian - Family Portrait

Walk Like an Egyptian

(submitted by Mohammed)

The PSA’s - Family Portrait

The PSA’s

Final Score:

Safety    5

Health   3

(submitted by anonymous)

Lost in Space - Family Portrait

Lost in Space


Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

(submitted by Tony)

What About Bob? - Dad

What About Bob?

“This is my friend Laura’s family. Her dad – Bob – has been known to call her cell phone with the greeting, “Laura, Bob here..”, even though he’s calling his own daughter. Here’s the caption that’s on her Facebook: “Our Christmas gift from Uncle Bruce…I am soooo upset that I didn’t have room in my suitcase to bring it back with me :(”

The shirts have the following printed on them:

Dad: “BOB – The Man, The Myth, The Legend”
Mom: “It’s lonely at the top, but you get to be with BOB”
Daughter (Laura): “BOB’s Daughter”
Son: “BOB’s Son”

(submitted by Kelli)

Razzmatazz - Family Portrait


What if we told you the kids talked mom into this?

(submitted by Joe)

Nosy - Family Portrait


Checkers never looked so sexy.

(submitted by Johnny)

Catching Some Zzzs - Family Portrait

Catching Some Zzzs

“Issabelle had fallen asleep by the time this photo was going to be taken, but they propped her up anyway.”

(submitted by Sarah)

Fresh Produce - Family Portrait

Fresh Produce

If you’ve got a vegetable, flaunt it.

(submitted by Amanda)

(photo by Wang Gangfeng)