Mood Killer

Mood Killer - Kids

“Twenty years later, I still have this effect on women.”

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The Big One

The Big One - Kids

“She said she wanted the biggest cinnamon roll they had.”

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The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love - Kids

“My niece is a 5th grader and got her first love note. This boy has more game than I ever will.”

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A Frown For The Yearbook

A Frown For The Yearbook - Kids

“So my son hasn’t ever really been a fan of photos, but when it comes to school pictures in particular, he hates them. In all honesty, this an improvement from last year. By grade 8 maybe we’ll manage a smile.”

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Let It Go

Let It Go - Halloween

“My uncle’s 4-year-old daughter was not happy to discover her Dad’s Halloween costume.”

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Taking The Lunge

Taking The Lunge - Kids

“The photographer taking our family pictures asked my four year old son to give her some cool poses. I believe he was going for cool but casual and obviously he nailed it.”

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Sunset Meltdown

Sunset Meltdown - Kids

“My cousin took her phone away from her son to take a beautiful sunset.”

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