Minions - Kids

“My friend’s 8-year old cousin made this self portrait in art class. He was wearing a minions shirt. Needless to say his family was very confused at first.”

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Full - Kids

“Caught that moment my son realized he ate too much.”

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Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster - Kids

“My 3 year old son took my phone. When I got it back, I saw this.”

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Paint It White

Paint It White - Kids

“Our attempt at painting with a toddler present…Leaving the room for a few minutes with a gallon of paint on the table was a huge mistake. This is why we can’t have anything nice (for now).”

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Baldies - Kids

“The boys wanted a haircut just like dad and grandpa. Mom just shook her head.”

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Recurring Themes

Recurring Themes - Kids

“My daughter’s teacher in kindergarten helped her write this little note for me for Mother’s Day. Do you notice a recurring theme? I suppose I should be flattered that she thought I only looked half my age!”

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Girlfriends - Kids

“My nephew almost filled this out correctly.”

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