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Sky Feud

Sky Feud - Photos

“Found this while looking up my house on Google maps. Turns out my neighbors don’t get along.”

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Pizza Time

Pizza Time - Photos

“So my friend did something really dumb today.”

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Ringdingdiddyiddyumdumda - Friends

“My neighbor’s daughter has the craziest middle name. After years of taking his word for it, I asked her father for proof.”

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Doctor’s Orders

Doctor’s Orders - Photos

“I got this shirt at an event sponsored by Dr. Pepper.”

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The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda - Awkward Galleries

Thank goodness for our friends at Flashbak for exposing fascinating photo collections like this. We encourage everyone to check out their site… you won’t be disappointed.

In 1954, Krystal Company presented a breezy educational film detailing how staff at its Krystal restaurants should behave and dress. Founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on October 24 1932, Krystal was keen to embrace the staff, aka  ‘The Krystal Family’, and have them do things ‘the Krystal way’. This was ‘The Counter Code’.

Zelda, who we see in the lead photo, was breaking rules. Tutored in the Krystal way to ‘act natural’, she soon stowed her cigarette, set her disagreeable eyebrows free and her unblinking gaze on producing the great American burger; fighting the good fight against salmonella and starvation. Zelda’s not smiling in the portrait because she’s not sure about cameras and the kind of men who operate them and process amateur film in their home basement darkrooms. But she’s a happy girl and ready to serve.
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Light My Fire

Light My Fire - Dad

“Congrats, Charlie!”

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The Ultimate Soft-Sell

The Ultimate Soft-Sell - Couples

“He really didn’t want to sell his beloved Subaru.”

Full disclosure, I always promised my wife that when we were ‘with child’ I would part with my beloved 2003 Subaru WRX so we could buy some minivan/SUV monstrosity with a rear window big enough to put those infuriating family stickers on. So this ad is a good faith effort. For sale: the last vestige of my youth. 

Mileage: 85,000 miles. Almost all city miles. I’m everything that is bad about a WRX owner, so rest-assured that most of those 85k miles were spent at full throttle, rapidly accelerating in and out of 7-11 parking lots. 

Maintenance: the car has had a few issues over the years. Oil changes ever 4-5k miles or every 6 months. Exclusively worked on by establishments that employ a spinning sign guy out front. The car rattles a bit and pulls hard to the left, just like a real NASCAR! 

Other issues: cup holders are small (Japanese engineers in 2003 had no idea how far we would come.) Water pump was purchased from an Indian burial ground, so the car is slightly haunted. 

See attached pictures. I’ve had multiple people email me and ask me for a better picture of the car. My response: no, but I will send you more pictures of the dents. 

If you want to come by and see the car, great. It has to be a time when my wife is home so she can see that I actually put the car up. Any attempts to negotiate will result in price increases. 

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