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Awkward News Update: Laser Cat


Well, order has been restored to the universe. Schenectady High School senior Draven Rodriguez, who started a petition to get his unusual photo featured in the yearbook as his senior portrait, has his cake and is now eating it too. Recently, the school’s principal posed for a photo with Rodriquez in the ultimate display of solidarity. Perhaps our education system is in better shape than we thought.


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Awkward News: Laser Cat Inspires Petition

An Upstate New York high school student wants his classmates to remember him as someone who loves cats. And lasers.

Schenectady High School senior Draven Rodriguez has started a petition to get his unusual photo featured in the yearbook as his senior portrait. “I’m hoping that with enough signatures, my school simply can’t turn this down,” he writes.

The picture shows Rodriguez wearing a suit, cuddling with a fluffy cat in front of an ’80s style laser background. He says Vincent Giordano took and edited the picture, and gave permission to use it.

CBS 6 in Albany reports the school gave Rodriguez permission to put the “cat-tastic” image in the yearbook, but not as his senior portrait.

“To clarify, the school HAS NOT YET DECLINED this photo,” Rodriguez wrote on his petition. “This is my pre-emptive strike just in case such a thing were to happen. I wanted as many backers as possible before the deadline of September 15th.”

As of Thursday morning, more than 650 people signed the petition, surpassing his original goal of 500. To see the petition, visit www.ipetitions.com/petition/get-my-photo-into-the-yearbook.

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