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Empathy Cards

Empathy Cards - Awkward Galleries

Emily McDowell has created a line of meaningful and honest greeting that takes the awkwardness out of being sick.

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Wild Pizzas

Wild Pizzas - Awkward Galleries

This is an ongoing series from photographer Jonpaul Douglass that documents real pizzas in random places. In case you are wondering, they are $5 variety from Little Caesars and yes, they are eaten after being photographed.

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Cardboard Heroes

Cardboard Heroes - Family Portrait

We love this amazing family project from Lilly, Leon, and baby Orson, which began after they had accumulated a lot of cardboard boxes (due to moving to a new country). The costumes, props, and sets in Cardboard Box Office are created entirely out of everyday household items, toys, cardboard, and three individuals slowly losing their sanity.

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Selfie Arm

Selfie Arm - Awkward Galleries

Artists Justin Crowe and Aric Snee want to make sure that you won’t another lonely selfie ever again, so they’ve designed (with sarcasm) the Selfie Arm, now available for a cool $6200.

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Who Let The Dogs Out? - Random Awkwardness

“My girlfriend’s aunt is a high school principle, and she just sent her this excuse note a parent sent in.”

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