The Awkward Wedding Contest

After receiving thousands of amazing photos, we’re proud to announce our winner. Congratulations to Carrie for winning the contest and a $1000 gift card! Here’s the story in her own words:

“This is my husband and I on the morning of our wedding 20 years ago. We were having studio pictures taken and the local photographer proudly rolled out this faux bay window and told my soon-to-be-husband to “peek in from outside.”

Congratulations to our two runners-up, Dina and Jamie and thanks to everyone in the AFP community for so many amazing submissions!

“What’s more awkward than your Grandfather choosing to pose in your wedding photos in a bolo tie and sandwiched in between wife number two and one? Realizing when you get your photos back that your grandma chose to be forever remembered as Nanny One Shoe.”

“We got married on the beach in Playa del Carmen, and while we expected others besides our guests to be watching the ceremony, we never expected this guy. My father in law kept trying to get him to move and he just kept on taking pictures of our wedding.”

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Bottle Service

“This is a lovely image of my new husband and me, and our wedding photographer helping me to enjoy some champagne. Yes, that’s my garter on the photographer’s arm – I don’t remember how it got there, surprisingly enough.”

Submitted by Janna

License to Wed

“This is my favorite photo from my parents’ wedding. I always recommend that couples use this pose, but no one ever does.”

Submitted by Sarah

Panic On The Dance Floor

“When we got my daughter’s wedding photos back we couldn’t stop laughing at this one! My sister (in the polka dot dress) had quite the moves!!”

Submitted by Pat

The Woodsman

“At our wedding, my husband posed for a picture with his close friend’s wife while his close friend relieved himself close by. The photographer caught it all! Open bar!”

Submitted by Troy

Flesh Mob

“We were taking wedding photos in Central Park NYC when these guys surrounded us and requested a picture. Our photographer obliged.”

Submitted by Elizabeth

White Steel

“Embarrassingly, my sister’s boyfriend snapped this amazing photo. I swear I was just stretching my mouth because it was hurting from smiling so much.”

Submitted by Kristin

Oh Father Where Art Thou

“My dad decided to show up at my Mexico beach wedding dressed in tennis shoes, shorts, and an iguana tie. I think he took the iguana thing a little too seriously, and chose to sun himself on the rocks instead of participating in the wedding.”

Submitted by Lisa

Wedding Prep

“These are my cousins at my wedding day, approximately 50 feet away from the chapel. I can’t even figure out who took this picture. And why?”

Submitted by Justin

The Save

“This was taken as we were exiting down the stairs from the church ceremony. Hundreds of guests were down below clapping and cheering… my heel caught my dress and I came down on my shins. Luckily my husband was holding my hand. I still keep thinking to this day, it could have been much worse.”

Submitted by Elda

The Cutting Crew

“I love the look on our faces when we were about to cut the cake at our reception. He looks a bit worried, and I just can’t get over the look on his face.”

Submitted by Shawna