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Smile Problem

“1996. I forgot how to smile in the 1st grade.”

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Yugoslavian Computer Cover Girls of the 80’s-90’s

This comes from our friends at Flashbak, the only ones who would think of digging up an obscure collection of Yugoslavian Computer Cover Girls. You can follow them on FB– we...

The Joy Of Parenting

“This is a photo of my great aunt who is carrying a “BOY”, and her daughter on the left, and my great aunt’s beau on the right.”

(submitted by Carissa)

10+ Hilarious Parent Tweets About Their Kids

When parents hit up Twitter to tell the world about how their kids have made their lives a little bit worse, that makes the rest of us parents feel a little bit better. Yes, that...

VC Andrews Novel Comes to Life

“My mother did a glamour photo shoot for my father as a Christmas gift one year and took me along for the ride. I will never forget this day and I am curious as to what really went through my father’s head when he received the portfolio of pictures this day produced. This is one of the better ones.”

(submitted by Dina)

Holly Jolly

“My Dad is an OB/GYN and was on-call for Christmas. This is how he visited patients.”

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A Look Back At Mid-Century New Year’s Parties

Well, it’s been almost  70 years, but some things will never change– the goofy hats, the dance trains, the boredom, and of course, the lack of sobriety.  These found...

Six Pack

“My friend’s engagement photos. Seems legit.”

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The Solo Christmas Party

“My Christmas party was great, but because of the snow, nobody showed up.”

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Dog Photobombs Engagement Photoshoot

You’re trying to take the perfect engagement photo. You figure you can’t leave out Chester. But he had other ideas. Read More