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Send Out The Clown

“For my baptism, my parents thought it would be great to hire a clown to entertain me, my little friends and family.”

(submitted by IG @stephania_perdomo

Shady Santa

“Growing up, we celebrated Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house and Santa always showed up. I’m not sure where this one came from but I remember thinking how odd he seemed…”

(submitted by Shannon) 

Bunny Formal

“This picture is of me when i was about one and my dad wanted to surprise me and dress up as the easter bunny.”

(submitted by Julia) 

Game Breaker

“They told us to bring something we love to picture day so I brought my Gameboy. I can not explain the log or the widow’s peak. And just to be clear, the wind didn’t stand a chance.”

(submitted by IG @foodfiending


“My dad was weirdly proud of the new trash can he got, so he had me stand in it while we posed with his parents.”

(submitted by IG @hawaiianpikachu)

Sleepy Santa

“I have no idea where this was taken but I love how Santa just threw on a Christmas sweater then slept on us during the picture.”

(submitted by Alana) 

Stay Kool

“My parents gave me cigarette packs to teeth on.”

(submitted by IG @jessicas_pants

Roberto Ross

“My dad’s name is Roberto…so he looked like a dark-skinned latino version of Bob Ross . My sister already had me convinced I was the mailman’s kid and dad’s hair only helped her false narrative. None of it mattered as long as I had my Bert sweatshirt!”

(submitted by Mercedes) 

The Tourists

“This is my husband and his older brothers. I don’t know if these were homemade or store bought. Neither answer makes this ok.”

(submitted by Dana) 

Glamour Guy

“My husband hid these from me for years, I was going through stuff to clean out some junk and found them hidden and I almost died laughing.”

(submitted by Heidi)