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He’s Bringing Wooly Back

“Dad couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity.”

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Bizarro Barney

“I don’t know what’s scarier… the drunk looking Barney-like thing holding me or the bowl cut that I was sporting.”

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No Cabbage For You

“Guess who didn’t get the cabbage patch kid that year.”

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It Begins

“When I may have developed my life long fear of clowns.”

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Monkey Business

“My father had a great time getting close to the monkeys at the zoo. I did not sleep that night..”

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The Peanut Gallery

“This is the toilet in the bar of the hotel I’m staying at this week.”

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Assistant Coach

“My dad’s ‘Golden Glove Award” for being an assistant coach at baseball.”

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Side Eyed

“This is my mother’s favorite picture of me as a child with my grandparents (her in-laws). I wonder why?”

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A Family Tableau

“Turned the corner to go into the living room, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, and was immediately taken aback to find this scene going on quietly.”

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“My dog is trying to scare me to death.”

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