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Canceling Each Other Out

“My wife and I are going through a box of pictures and we found ones of us from college.”

(via source)


“Apparently Mom didn’t get the memo that everyone was supposed to make a funny face!”

(submitted by Amber)

The Retirement Gift

“This photo is my mom, about 17 years ago, opening a large package containing a beautiful handmade quilt that the staff at her school gave her at her retirement party (she was school nurse for 27 years). Dad was holding the bottom edges of the bag it was packed in so she could remove the contents more easily.

I found the photo recently, took another look, and fell over laughing!!  We think Dad, who died in April 2011, would have gotten a big kick out of it, too.  (Mom said I could submit this; she has a great sense of humor.)”

(submitted by Laurie)

Rice, Rice Baby

“I asked, ‘Grandma, do you have some rice that I can put my phone in? It got wet.’ She pulls this out of a cabinet.”

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It Follows

“We were shopping at Walmart over Easter weekend and our 2-year-old son was terrified of this creepy Easter bunny who kept following him. I was in another section of the store at the time this picture was taken. Our son was with his dad when he saw the bunny behind him and said, ‘No, no!! Mama, mama!'”

(submitted by Brittany) 

Free Bird

“I don’t know where this was taken, I think I blocked the whole experience from my memory. I’m not sure why there is a mime next a Big Bird lookalike. If you look closely you’ll notice Big Bird isn’t wearing pants.”

(submitted by Jen) 

Skin Deep

“My coworker had just gotten her hair colored red at the salon. (She is a dark brunette by nature) Her 10 year old daughter was in the middle of making her a handmade Mother’s Day card when she returned home and saw her mom’s “new hair” for the first time. This was the completed card she received.”

(submitted by Melanie) 

True Colors

“This is a photo of me, (front and center, at approximately 8-9 years old), alongside my mom, stepdad, sister (about age 2), and two of my cousins (ages 9-10 and 12-13) in either 1990 or 1991. We are all wearing neon nylon track suits and standing in front of my house in our neighborhood in Louisville, KY. Basically it’s the 90’s in full effect.”

(submitted by Ashley) 

This Mom Breastfeeding While Walking The Sports Illustrated Runway In A Bikini Is The Power Move Of The Year

The topic of public breastfeeding is still for some reason up for debate, despite the fact that babies need to eat, boobs are not inherently sexual, etc. etc. The prescribed taboo...

Flesh and Bone

“When your amazing, artist Dad says we’re taking a family photo and his photographer friend is going to shoot it, you do it with no question. Oh, and Dad wants it to be unique so it will be in black and white…and we will appear shirtless. He’s the artist, so he knows best, right? This is the first (and only) time this photo has hit the light of day.”

(submitted by Raquel)