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Happy Skypesgiving

“The year my mother-in-law had a ‘virtual’ Thanksgiving with us.”

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“This is what my brother put for his favorite seventh grade memory.”

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“This is only 3 years ago, and this is me with my wife’s family (I’m the second one from the right in the red plaid shirt). My father-in-law (against the with the serious face) had kidney stones at the time and was on some major pain pills. It was actually his idea to take this picture! It’s not until I look back at this photo now and realize just how awkward this really is… everything about it.”

(submitted by Keenan)

20 Families Making Thanksgiving Awkward

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“My father, smuggling cheese slices into a local burger joint, rebelling against their $.60 upcharge. RESIST!”

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The Training Beard

“Just wanted to have a beard like my dad so I glued on my hair after a hair cut.”

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The Baby Tray

“Going through a friends old family photos and found this gem.”

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“This is a photo of me, six years old, I’m guessing around Thanksgiving. I have no idea what my freakin’ parents were thinking, or why it took me so damned long to realize how awesome/horrifying this prop was.”

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Holiday Reading

“Coming home for Thanksgiving can be an enlightening experience.”

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Nookie Monster

“My dad, his  fro, his dog, and his t-shirt. 1978.”

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