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“My Italian grandfather on his first trip to Hawaii.”

(submitted by IG @maribene_life)

Makin’ Bacon

“My kids learning about the pigs and the bees.”

(submitted by IG @timpecter

The Barbet

“My school photo from the 80s. My mullet was fashioned after the 1982 Happy Birthday Barbie and my glasses are decorated with decals picked out from the decal book at the optical shop.”

(submitted by IG @jen_oneill73

Short Christmas

“This is my father in 1980 in front of the Christmas tree wearing his favorite pair of shorts (that he had in several different colors).”

(submitted by IG @hannahlouisiana7

Birthday Girl

“My 9th birthday, I guess I wasn’t having a great day.”

(submitted by IG @caro_tap

Welcome To The Jungle Book

“That’s me in the picture, taken in the early 90s at a local children’s carnival, after we waited in line to meet the characters of the Jungle Book. When we got to the front of the line, I was terrified but after waiting that whole time my parents made me pose.”

(submitted by IG @abby.e.a.browne

Miguel Raton

“When I was 4, I met Mickey Mouse in Argentina.”

(submitted by IG @mhunzhork

Head In An Airplane

“The child with the pilot is my husband. His sister is in the background, for some reason, with her head in an airplane. We refer to any sort of pouting due to personal shame as a ‘head in an airplane.'”

(submitted by Terra)

Fine Feathered Friend

“Me and my best friends were playing ‘dress up.’ I took it to the next level.”

(submitted by IG @sherianbushman)

Knives Out

“My brother cutting his birthday cake in 1967. Times were different then.”

(submitted by IG @ricericebaby142