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Silver Bullets

“This was our soccer team’s banner in the early 90s. My Grandma and Mom made it. The balls were felt.”

(submitted by Abra)

Take Twenty

“After twenty attempts trying to get everyone to smile, and my sister being afraid of camera flashes, my frustrated father yelled out “Just take the damn picture!”

(submitted by Heather)

Clown Show

“My dad. In my backyard. Making me participate in the worlds creepiest partial family photo. Even for the 80’s..”

(via ig: pitamoll)

The Backup Plan

“My husband was a ring bearer in his cousin’s wedding. He wasn’t the couple’s first choice, but when the original ring bearer dropped out at the last minute, they quickly had to find another kid around the same age. As you can tell he wasn’t thrilled about being the backup ring bearer.”

(submitted by Melissa)

He’s Bringing Wooly Back

“Dad couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity.”

(via source)

Bizarro Barney

“I don’t know what’s scarier… the drunk looking Barney-like thing holding me or the bowl cut that I was sporting.”

(via ig: beegeesgeek)

No Cabbage For You

“Guess who didn’t get the cabbage patch kid that year.”

(via ig: beegeesgeek)

It Begins

“When I may have developed my life long fear of clowns.”

(via ig: itsjgro)

Monkey Business

“My father had a great time getting close to the monkeys at the zoo. I did not sleep that night..”

(via ig: i.r.u.n.e)

The Peanut Gallery

“This is the toilet in the bar of the hotel I’m staying at this week.”

(via source)