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“My parents took me out one night in the 80s.”

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The Arrival

“We forgot to tell our cat that we had a baby.”

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Fall Out Boy

“How was I even able to see?”

(submitted by Anna) 

Heavy Metal

“I present to you, The Headgear Years.”

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Mother Interruptus

“My mother was not happy to see my new wife and I ride off into the sunset.”

(submitted by Robbie)

The Birthday Potty

“Looking through old photos of me to use for a slideshow at my wedding and came across this one of my 7th birthday. I don’t know why this is happening.”

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Little Pumpkins

“We tried.”

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The Fountain Of Youth

“My brother had a photoshoot with his newborn son. Guess someone got too excited.”

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Double Trouble

“Came across some old photos of a weird looking baby today at my parents house. Found out it’s me at 4 weeks. Thank god they captured my beauty before I grew out of it.”

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Dog Bomb

“My friend’s dog jumped into the shot.”

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