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Generation Gap

“Grandpa still brings up “that time I looked like a f***ing rooster.”

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Heavy Fade

“Dad gave me a haircut right before school picture day.”

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Puppet Masters

“My parents in 1977, having paid for ‘trick’ wedding photography.”

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Don’t Blink

“This is a photo taken before my high school graduation in 2012.”

(submitted by Anna) 

The Late Show

“Today I learned that I sleepwalk.”

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The Broken Hearts Club

“So we got married at the Zoo. Someone had an interesting first look reaction.”

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Soft Landing

“My brother, birdwatching.”

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Lady Lick

“My friend’s dog sneaking its tongue into his mouth while he was laughing.”

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Hang Em Low

“My little cousin was playing on the tree when I hear, ‘Guys! Help!'”

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Three’s Company

“This is my wife and I kissing our baby and you can see the response from her.”

(submitted by Kris)