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7 Tips To Make Thanksgiving More Awkward

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re teaming up with Evite to find the Most Awkward Thanksgiving Photo and now is your chance to VOTE for the winners! THE PRIZES: Winner...

The It Factor

“When my girlfriend was younger she had the creepiest birthday clown I’ve ever seen.”

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Get A Room 2

“When mom and dad kiss in front of you.”

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Thank You Autocorrect

“At a friend’s wedding. I can’t wait for 3:30!”

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Love Is…

“My wife got this at a wedding shower. What?”

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The Pregnant Tomato

“My husband sure knows how to make a pregnant, bloated girl feel special on her birthday.”

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Stiff Arm

“Just trying to get a nice family photo. Ended up with this.”

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“My friends grandma went to get passport photos about 10 years ago but didn’t quite understand the photo booth and ended up with this gem.”

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Find Your Beach

“Mom didn’t trust my dad to hold me outside the carrier.”

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Little Squirt 2

“Back in 2014, we sent you a picture of our son’s little ‘accident.’ Well, my wife and I just had twins, and this time it was Mom’s turn.”

And here’s the original:

(submitted by David) 

Chappelle’s Show

“He announced ‘I’m photobombing your photo,’ and then did so. I won’t argue with Dave Chappelle.”

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