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The Bunny Hop

“My son made this art work for me for Easter. It is two bunnies doing the bunny hop. That’s not at all what I see and that poor bunny in the front does not look too happy about what is going on.”

(submitted by Kerry) 

Maggsie The Wombat

“So my parents raised a wombat. Here’s my dad with her. Her name was Maggsie. They released her back into the wild when she was three.”

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Christmas With The Cannibals

“My brother labeled our Christmas leftovers so we could differentiate between our food and the dog’s. My mom gasped when she opened the fridge.”

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The Great Divider

“I have triplets, and they have backseat battles. This was my solution. Driving is peaceful now.”

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Infrequent Flyer

“I’m a super nervous flyer. My wife just took this pic of me at the airport restaurant, about to board the plane a part of our honeymoon.”

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Blow Out

“It was so windy and cold at the top of the mountain so I quickly grabbed my dog, posed for the camera, and then immediately hiked back down. I didn’t see the outcome of the photo until I checked my camera hours later. Needless to say, I laughed until I cried!”

(submitted by Quinn) 

You’ll Grow Into It

“My grandmother used to love buying my sister and me clothes. Too bad they were always XXL. (Bonus in comments.)”

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This Is Us

“My husband couldn’t make it to the family portrait photo shoot. Rather than cancel, I brought a “replacement”. This is what went in all our Christmas cards. My husband’s family was not amused and he wouldn’t talk to me for days.”

(submitted by Loretta)

The Agony of Defeat

“I took my wife skiing yesterday for the first time in 7 years. Here she is getting off the lift.”

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