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Our First Kickstarter Campaign!

Search and Find Puzzles for Adults is a humorous twist on the classic search and find puzzles we all remember doing as kids. The book will include 40 puzzles designed for grown-ups and contain over 1000 of the most random hidden objects including lederhosen, flamethrower, avocado toast, lower intestine, hypodermic needle, and Bea Arthur. This project is about making people laugh, yes, but it’s also about celebrating this really unique art form and the incredible illustrators behind it. By adding ridiculous humor to the mix, we are proud to say this will be the only brain activity book proven to make you smarter and slightly dumber at the same time. But only slightly. We are running this Kickstarter because we believe now more than ever, we need more activities designed to simply make us happier.

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The Tale Of Two Brothers

“Family vacation at Deerfield Beach, Florida. My man is the one in the Speedo, the muscle guy is his brother.”

(submitted by Cayley)

Champagne Dreams

“Here’s a photo from my 3rd birthday in 1980. It was quite the party judging by all that champagne I’m eyeing.”

(submitted by IG @gmwifelife

Bead It

“This picture was taken in kindergarten in the post Soviet 90s when it was popular to take different kinds of costumed school photoshoots. I came home and showed my mom the photo and she said, ‘Oh honey, why aren’t you smiling?’ I thought I was smiling!”

(submitted by IG @kuchur

Beauty Sleep

“This is a photo of my daughter sleeping in daddy’s armpit.”

(submitted by Lindsay)

The Majestic Giraffe

“This is my daughter posing for a picture at the Cape May Zoo. We had no idea what was behind her.”

(submitted by Michelle)

Happiest Birthday

“It’s my sister’s birthday in 1968 at the party where no one smiled.”

(submitted by IG @lorrainescatsandworld

The Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction

“This was me and my brother at our aunt’s wedding. His pants were too big for him, but we thought he’d be okay. Of course, his pants came down at the altar.”

(submitted by Kiely)

Welcome To Bonbon Land

“My daughter in Bonbon Land in Denmark, 2004.”

(submitted by IG @siv.knudsen and IG @ida.gain)

This Is Really Happening

“We had just had our daughter two days ago. Nothing says ‘omg what have we done?’ as much as this picture.”

(submitted by IG @itskennafit)

Air Drop

“Me and my Dad on the beach in 1986. And my sister behind us just as a seagull pooped in her hair.”

(submitted by IG @catkittencatkitten