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The AFP Portrait Studio

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The Hobbyists

“My mom had a field day at Picture People in the mall. She had us all dress for our hobbies.”

(submitted by IG @tnbreezy)

Ghost Baby

“Mom took me to have my picture taken and this is what she got back. To this day we have no clue who the ghost baby is.”

(submitted by Dawnique)


Chuck’s Cheese

“My husband, Nov 1981, at the local pseudo-Chuck E Cheese somewhere in northern New York.”

(submitted by IG @annecavu)

The Bunnies & The Bees

“My daughter learning all about Easter, 2009.”

(submitted by IG @mermoondesigns)

Santa’s Pants

“Back in 2001, we took our kids to the mall for Christmas pictures. Years later, our kids now question our judgement of putting them in Santa’s pants.”

(submitted by IG @michellehagan) 

Island Bunny

“This is my husband in 1982 on beautiful Bainbridge Island at a community Easter bunny photo opportunity. He was a brave kid because that rabbit was the thing of nightmares.”

(submitted by IG @skiraber) 

Shock Value

“Me and my middle brother in the 90s were diagnosed with uncombable hair syndrome.”

(submitted by IG @actually_abby) 

Holiday Spirits

“My sister and me in the early 60s at my dad’s restaurant in Hawaii. It was probably Easter or Halloween or it could have been the Purge.”

(submitted by IG @sushipusha80) 

Grandpa Knows Best

“My grandpa and me. Cullera, Spain 2004.”

(submitted by IG @tonigr99) 

Easter Eyes

“Our sibling family photo from Easter, 1979.”

(submitted by IG @greaneyjessica)