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7 Tips To Make Thanksgiving More Awkward

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re teaming up with Evite to find the Most Awkward Thanksgiving Photo and now is your chance to VOTE for the winners! THE PRIZES: Winner...


“Old prom picture. They told me to go touch the tree and face the camera.”

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Together Apart

“My parents at their wedding day in the 90’s. Apparently, the photographer thought this was a great idea.”

(submitted by Danielle)

Parting Gift

“That time our friends came to stay for the long weekend and they brought gastro with them.”

(submitted by Lisa)

Grandma Club

“This old picture of my great-grandmother, far left, makes it look like the cameraman just stumbled into a secret meeting of the grandmas.”

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The Graduate

“Was going through old pictures and found this one of my mom when she graduated high school.”

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Look Into Our Eyes

My mom and her sisters. They were told not to blink. 1978.”

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Santa Danger

“I refused to sit on his lap.”

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Cat Buscemi

“My friend’s cat looks like Steve Buscemi.”

(via Steve Buscemi Cat)


“Well, the AirBnB looked nice online…”

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Middle Man

“Generally if you’re a wedding photographer, you don’t want to appear in the wedding photos. This is probably my favorite shot from our big day.”

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