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“Today I welcomed my first child into the world. Here’s a photo of me waking up after passing out in the OR.”

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3 Sailors Recreation

“My sisters and I decided to do a 40 year recreation of us in these gawd-awful sailor outfits. It was our Mother’s Day gift this year.”

(submitted by Adam)

Dog Days

“On my daughter’s first day school, our feisty labradoodle wanted to be a part of the action. She’s a high jumper.”

(submitted by Karen)

Double Snot Shot

“He was caught mid-sneeze in the best sibling family picture ever.”

(submitted by Kristen) 

Hair Raising

“My sister brushed an entire dog of hair out of her dog.”

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Heart Breaker

“Didn’t realize it was picture day. I sent my daughter to school in a shirt that says ‘Heart Breaker,’ but the fold made it look like ‘Fart Breaker.’ The school was probably questioning my parenting skills. Let’s just say this picture didn’t make the fridge.”

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Dog Bomb

“Trying to take our five month old’s picture and the dog jumped in.”

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Smile Direct

“Of all the nicely posed school photos, this was the oddest. I don’t know what made the photographer pick this one to send us. Mind you, Agatha (the crazy four year old) is still a bit crazy.”

(submitted by Sarah)

Potty Training

“This is my brother and I in the late 80s. Clearly missing band practice for any reason was not an option.”

(submitted by Traci) 

Hog Wild

“A pig ran through grandma’s wedding photo.”

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