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The Deadpool Awkward Family Gallery

AFP is proud to partner with the family-friendly #OnceUponADeadpool in glorious PG-13—now available on Blu-ray and Digital.

Check out the newest member of the family in our portrait gallery and Click here to see the movie now!

Goth Prom

“I was in an intense goth phase during high school. 1998.”

(via source)

The Triple Play

“My hubby’s bad hair in high school. This photos surfaces every now and then.”

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Hanes Her Way

“No one told me that my shirt was tucked in my underwear. 1992.”

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Shell Game

“New Orleans 1997. Let’s just say I was a shell of the man I am today.”

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Parallel Play

“My attentive husband playing with our daughter.”

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Birthday Casual

“This is a photo from my 8th birthday. I’m the one in the blue velvet dress who is absolutely thrilled to be related to these beautiful people. My cousin is in the matching green velvet dress, my sister is the Chris Farley look-alike in the bottom right, and my brothers are the boys who have hair problems (one has a comb over at the age of 12 and the other desperately needs a comb).”

(submitted by Kristal) 

Just A Teenage Girl!

“I think my Mom purposely picked this theme and layout to embarrass me.”

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Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

“My mum’s graduation photo.”

(via source)

Ode To Joy

“I can’t believe we actually paid for this.”

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There’s Something About Lottie

“When I was in 6th grade, my two older sisters were popular and had big hair, and I was an awkward kid so I thought I’d be cool for a day. I went to town on the Aquanet hairspray. I used almost half a can to get this Big Bang as tall as I could. The photographer literally had to take a step back to fit my hair in the school photo and i really don’t know how he kept a straight face. I shared this on Instagram once and couldn’t even fit it in the crop.”

(submitted by Lottie)