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Glam And Cheese

“Skipped preschool to go get glamour shots with my mom. Think it was the right decision.”

(submitted by IG @btvranek

Not Patch Adams

“When I broke my leg, my grandparents hired a clown to come cheer me up.”

(submitted by IG @garfieldfrommemory

Sausage Party

“My brother sitting next to my grandma in the late 1970’s in NYC. Note the sausages hanging as birthday streamers.”

(submitted by IG @tommyrockstar)

Wedding Crasher

“My wife was the flower girl for her cousin’s wedding and decided to slide down the railing while the bird seed was flying after the happy couple was married. This was the result.”

(submitted by IG @b.s.lexb

The Barfly

“Me in my Grandpa’s bar in the late 70s. Nothing to see here.”

(submitted by IG @brady0815

Weenie Roast

“Every year on holiday my mum would make me dress up in a fancy dress competition. Here I am in the early 90’s, inside two sleeping bags… dressed as a ‘Hot Dog.’ As you can see I’m a good foot or so higher than the other contestants, making me at least 12 or 13… old enough to feel the utter embarrassment of being dressed as a massive sausage in a bun! It was also swelteringly hot inside.”

(submitted by IG @emm83

Dad Steel

“My Dad’s 1980s glamor shots.”

(submitted by IG @elvismom3

Sucker Shot

“Heading down the water chute ride at Mall of America, my younger brother used the ride’s photo op to capture his moment of revenge for being picked on by his big brother at all the other locations.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Born With It

“I was born with a full head of hair that just got thicker and thicker. This is a photo of me and all the babies in my mum’s prenatal class when I was 4 or 5 months old.”

(submitted by IG @__megcraig__

Funny Farm

“Me and my dad practicing some questionable sanitary decisions on a family vacation to Knotts Berry Farm in 1992.”

(submitted by IG @__indiecindy