Catch Of The Day - Dad

Catch Of The Day

“My brother and I were so proud of the fish we caught with our Dad.  Look at the size of it!”

(submitted by Rebecca)

Lace And Leather - Wedding

Lace And Leather

“Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a fetish ball booked.”

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No Goals - School Photos

No Goals

“Seventh-grade me wasn’t very motivated.”

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The Grind - Kids

The Grind

“My wife teaches grade 3. This was not the answer she was expecting.”

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Special Friend - Siblings

Special Friend

“My younger brother brought a girl  to family dinner for the first time.”

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Permullet - Friends


“My friend shared her grade school picture. I give you ‘Perm Mullet.'”

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Closer Than He Appears - Random

Closer Than He Appears

“E-bay 101: how to sell a car mirror.”

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Side Eye - Black And White

Side Eye

“Over 60 years ago, my parents had a picture done professionally of my two older sisters and me. This was one of the “proofs” they received. My two older sisters have now passed. I showed this to a friend who sent me one of your cards and suggested I send this to you. My middle sister had no idea why she had the ‘sideways’ eyes, but it has brought a lot of humor to our family for many years.”

(submitted by Mary)

Sponge Blob - Birthdays

Sponge Blob

“My little cousin made her own ‘palm tree’ birthday cake.”

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Great American Fart Novel - Kids

Great American Fart Novel

“This eight-year-old is going places.”

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