A Future Asstronomer

January 11th, 2016

A Future Asstronomer - Kids

“My kid’s teacher explaining why my son got in trouble at school.”

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America’s Most Wanted: Small Town Edition

January 11th, 2016

America’s Most Wanted: Small Town Edition - Photos

“A one-man crime spree.”

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Man Chooses Vanity Plates For His Wife

January 11th, 2016

Man Chooses Vanity Plates For His Wife - Dad

“I thought I would get my wife vanity plates for her new car. The kids were not too happy with my suggestion. Surprised the California DMV approved this choice.”

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The Boy In The Mask

January 11th, 2016

The Boy In The Mask - Family Portrait

“My son decided to photobomb his cousins portrait. The photographer was rather upset.”

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January 11th, 2016

Calendhair - Awkward Galleries

“I was a senior at Sprague High School in Salem Oregon and my sister was home, visiting from college. It was during wrestling season and I had just noticed some interesting sprouts coming from my shoulders. I proceeded to do a full examination of my back and saw that I was becoming one of those guys that everyone makes fun of… I was growing back hair!!! I ran to my sisters room and, mind you it was 1998 so the hit show at that time was singled out, and asked my sister, “Sarah, guys with back hair, time of day or no way?!! she blurted out, “No Way!” and that is where my back hair story begins. Since then, I have married a beautiful woman, have two great kids and created the first Calendar of back hair art. Please enjoy this website and make sure to purchase your 2016 CALENDHAIR!!!!!!”

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Middle Child

January 10th, 2016

Middle Child - Siblings

“When you have this many kids, you have to take like 20 shots to get one good one. This was the best of. My poor baby.”

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January 8th, 2016

Facetime - Siblings

“What little sister doesn’t want a snowball right to the face? I was so excited playing with big sis in the snow for the first time, no clue she’d aim straight for the money maker.”

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