11 Nostalgic Blasts From The Past

October 15th, 2015

11 Nostalgic Blasts From The Past - Photos

We love nostalgia here at AFP and so we want to thank our friends at Retropopbox.com, for sending us a bunch of cool retro goodies from our awkward youth (tee-shirts, toys, games, candy, and much more) that made for a trip down memory lane.

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Two Of A Kind

October 14th, 2015

Two Of A Kind - Halloween

“One year my sister and I wanted to be the Teletubbies for Halloween, so our mother decided to make the costumes herself. But she couldn’t find any yellow footy pajamas so we were stuck being the same one. I’m the one on the left. As you can tell I was thrilled.”

(submitted by Hannah)

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October 14th, 2015

Hammertime - Kids

“Was looking through old albums when I found this gem.”

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Brotherly Love

October 14th, 2015

Brotherly Love - Siblings

“That’s me on the left in the sailor suit on the left, and my brother, smiling and content, on the right. In my humble opinion one of the best examples of late 1980s Sears family portrait photos you’ll ever see.

Apparently, no amount of rattle toys and funny voices could shake me out of the existential crisis I was clearly going through at the moment this picture was taken. Or maybe it was just the indignity of that sailor suit. Either way, my brother, on the right, was clearly just fine with the whole procedure.

Ever since this picture was taken it has brought joy to all who see it. When I lived with house mates we had this picture posted in our kitchen with the caption, ‘You might have had a bad day, but at least you’re not as sad as this baby.'”

(submitted by Brendan)

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The A-Files

October 13th, 2015

The A-Files - Siblings

“My son precisely logs abuse from his little sister.”

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Granddaddy Daycare

October 13th, 2015

Granddaddy Daycare - Grandpa

“So, grandpa babysat today…”

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Spitting Image

October 13th, 2015

Spitting Image - Family Portrait

“My mom’s friend’s family picture that was perfectly timed when taken.”

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