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Grabby Patty

“Saw this drawn with chalk at a local elementary school. Friday’s thought was “How cool, Spongebob and Patrick!”. And then I took a second look…”

(submitted by Joe)

Whale Watching

“I took my boys to Iceland last week and we took a trip to The Phallic Museum. They were less than thrilled.”

(submitted by April)

Hold Steady

“At Disney where everyone except my sister found something to hold on to.”

(submitted by Wendy)

Au Naturel

“Note to self: dont wear a green shirt to the zoo if you plan on taking pics in front of a green screen!”

(submitted by Jane)

Autumn Glory

“It’s that time of the year again…”

(via source)


“My friend decided to try playing Rugby.”

(via source)

Glamming It Up

“My high school senior photo has tortured me for years and now I’m owning the embarrassment.”

(submitted by Paige)


“My husband’s uncle looked like James Franco when he was younger. This is in Poland circa 1970.”

(via source)

Over Exposed

“Used my phone’s red eye elimination feature… I think my freckles confused it.”

(via source)

Mirror Mom

“A sweet moment captured between a dear old family friend and my nieces and nephews. Oh, yeah, and my mom has succumbed to sleep apnea on a chair across the room.”

(submitted by Janel)