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We honor these brave young pioneers.

(submitted by Colleen and courtesy of the very cool

The Standout 2

It was his moment to shine.

(submitted by Ben)


Nothing to see here.

(submitted by W)

Get Into The Groovy

“This was taken in the Fall of 1970.  My dad was studying for a PhD in Theatre, so he was taking a costuming class.  For some reason, he decided that it would be a good idea to make the family matching outfits.  Apparently, I was the only one brave enough to show my true feelings.”

(submitted by Milaka)


They figured she’d grow into it.

(submitted by Molly)


The Beast

Some people will never let go of the 60’s.

(submitted by Sandy)


Happy Together

A testament to the power of love.

(submitted by Steward)


Somebody has a cavity.

(submitted by Desiree)


You can look away, but it won’t make it stop.

(submitted by Barbara)

East Germany

“With relatives in West Germany (before the reunification in 1989), we were in the lucky position to get some Levis jeans or damn hot fake snakeskin pants, like me (in fact we get only the old worn out and ugly stuff from them).”

(submitted by Marcus in Germany)