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Behind The Awkwardness: Shiner

“Me and my brother at a family wedding ….  and yes , I gave him the black eye.”

(submitted by Jessica)

Pretty In Pink 4

“Princess Poodie and Sir Jager.”

(submitted by Wynne)

Deadliest Catch

“My father enjoyed deep sea fishing. I guess he also enjoyed displaying me with his catch.”

(submitted by Dorothy)

Curly Sue

When what you were born with will not do.

(submitted by Desi)


These twins did everything together.

(submitted by Charlotte)

Flex 2

Everything he did, he did for his family.

(submitted by Regina)

Pout If I Want To

She was under the impression that her birthday would have something to do with her.

(submitted by Alison in Canada)


The wind never stood a chance.

(submitted by Jeffery)

Couch Potatoes

Make yourself comfortable.

(submitted by Meaghan)

Robin Hood

Yes, now there is.

(submitted by Katie)