Face Slide - AFP Hall Of Fame

Face Slide

Sometimes you just need a little push. Thanks, dad.

(submitted by Alayna)

4th of July: Up In Smoke - July 4th

4th of July: Up In Smoke

A day to celebrate the good ol’ magenta, gray, and blue.

(submitted by Susanne)

Slinky - Kids


You should see how cute it is when he falls down the stairs.

(submitted by Darrin)

The Dribbler - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Dribbler

“Here is my photo. The pee stain kid is me. I guess I should have shook and dance a little more, to keep the last drop from falling in my pants. I’d like to do a follow up, where are they now pic only this time, completely piss my pants.”

(submitted by Jim)