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Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy - Babies

“Picture of me 5 months old on Halloween. My parents dressed me as the tooth fairy and hung me from the plant holder that hung from the ceiling by the front door.”

(submitted by Megan)

In Babies • March 2nd, 2011 • 49 Comments »

In Your Face

In Your Face - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“Shortly after my nephew was born, a family friend offered to take some photos as a gift. The photographer managed to capture this moment of the baby peeing in my sister’s face.”

(submitted by Becca)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • February 28th, 2011 • 258 Comments »

Baby Black and White

Baby Black and White - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

We’ve got ourselves an old fashioned cross-off.

(submitted by Nicole)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • February 8th, 2011 • 90 Comments »

Baby Blues

Baby Blues - Babies

“Unfortunately, this is one of my first baby pictures. And yes, it is me. And no, I do not still look like this :)”

(submitted by Seth)

In Babies • February 7th, 2011 • 52 Comments »
In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • January 1st, 2011 • 66 Comments »
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