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The Birdcage

The Birdcage - Wedding

A curious metaphor for marriage.

(submitted by Keyaanta)

In Wedding • September 1st, 2009 • 150 Comments »

The Scream

The Scream - Engagement

Why shout it from the rooftops when you can shout it in their face?

(submitted by Sierra)

In Engagement • August 6th, 2009 • 113 Comments »

Shot Through The Heart

Shot Through The Heart - Engagement

Sometimes cupid needs more firepower.

(submitted by anonymous)

In Engagement • August 4th, 2009 • 94 Comments »

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby - Couples

He considered the earrings, but thought it would look too matchy-matchy.

(submitted by Brian)

In Couples • July 29th, 2009 • 160 Comments »


Pssst - Engagement

This engagement photo lets the world know that not only are these two in love, but also in hiding.

(submitted by Eileen)

In Engagement • May 26th, 2009 • 54 Comments »


Breathless - Engagement


Remember your first kiss? Well, these two NEVER will.

(submitted by Hillary)

In Engagement • May 17th, 2009 • 61 Comments »
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