You Say Tomato… - Behind The Awkwardness

You Say Tomato…

“My little sister had the unfortunate experience of getting a really bad sunburn while on vacation. A woman walked by while we were by the pool and said that tomatoes help the pain go away.”

(submitted by Christine)

Burn Unit - Behind The Awkwardness

Burn Unit

“My mom is not willing to give to the world her cure for sunburns, fortunately.”

(submitted by Diego)

Burn Baby Burn 2 - Vacation

Burn Baby Burn 2

Well, at least he was wearing a seatbelt.

(submitted by Sismouse)

Handyman - Solo Shots


A jazz-hands inspired burn.

(submitted by Nick)

Burn Baby Burn - AFP Hall Of Fame

Burn Baby Burn

“My family after a day of skiing. Looks like dad forgot sunscreen. The little red head (my sister) had to go to the hospital because her eyes swelled shut.”

(submitted by Julia)

Hay Season in Latvia - AFP Hall Of Fame

Hay Season in Latvia

A very rare case of farmer’s axe tan.

(submitted by Christine)