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Solo Shots

The Headed Horseman

“My family dubbed me ‘fivehead.'”

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The Blowout

“My mom worked hard on this. Me and my hair, 1993.”

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Playboy Jr.

“My kindergarten photo, discovered in my parents attic today during a return visit home. Nailed it, Mom and Dad.”

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“My Mom let me pick out my clothes for picture day. I even took a pair of her earrings to tie together my all red outfit. I wasn’t thinking when I picked my shirt. The camera cut off at the exact wrong point.”

(submitted by Gina) 


“In my 4th grade baseball picture I look like George Costanza.”

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OK Computer

“My fantastic senior photos from 2006.”

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Eastern Exposure

“This picture was taken on my first day of high school, in 1997. The photographer thought there was something wrong with the camera, so he leaned in to take a look. He ended up taking a picture mid-inspection. There was an opportunity for a re-take, but since the first photo taken was used for our school ID and yearbook photo, there wasn’t much of a point to re-shoot. This appears in my yearbook. It is a great reminder of how awkward high school can be.”

(submitted by Emily)

Hair To The Throne

“I show my boyfriend ONE picture from my childhood and suddenly reproducing with me is off the table.”

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Blue Streak

“My 1996 H.S. yearbook picture.”

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The Paintbrush

“It was 1994. I was in first grade, age 7. My stepdad says I wanted my hair cut that way.”

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