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Solo Shots

Stay Frosty

“My brother’s senior picture circa 2004? That hair tho.”

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Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

“Me in the 4th grade ready to go on some sort of tropical safari with my best friend.”

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Tron Legacy

“I really thought matching my clothes to the background I selected was gonna be cool forever.”

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Three Style

“My hubby’s bad hair in high school. This photos surfaces every now and then.”

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Shell Game

“New Orleans 1997. Let’s just say I was a shell of the man I am today.”

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Just A Teenage Girl!

“I think my Mom purposely picked this theme and layout to embarrass me.”

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The Headed Horseman

“My family dubbed me ‘fivehead.'”

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The Blowout

“My mom worked hard on this. Me and my hair, 1993.”

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Playboy Jr.

“My kindergarten photo, discovered in my parents attic today during a return visit home. Nailed it, Mom and Dad.”

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“My Mom let me pick out my clothes for picture day. I even took a pair of her earrings to tie together my all red outfit. I wasn’t thinking when I picked my shirt. The camera cut off at the exact wrong point.”

(submitted by Gina)