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Solo Shots

Hair Raising

“In the 80s I was young but my hair was far more…mature.”

(submitted by IG @lightlekasey

Hair We Go

“8th grade 1987. I was feeling good about my hair and my outfit.”

(submitted by IG @joeyb72

Tiger Queen

“Senior picture 1996. They said our senior pictures should represent something we loved, so I went all in.”

(submitted by IG @justjessmke

Boyfriend The Hedgehog

“My beautiful boyfriend’s school photo when he was a teenager…glad i did not know that hedgehog at that time.”

(submitted by IG @lenedregelid

Ready Or Not

“It was 1985 and I wasn’t ready for this world.”

(submitted by IG @jessthemaam


“My mom’s senior picture in 1986. And no that is not a real rose.”

(submitted by IG @addisoon4091

Glass Alf Full

“The time my parents forgot about picture day.”

(submitted by IG @nkoen17

Holy Mullet

“Church directory photo circa 1991 I don’t know what’s more awkward- the leaning back look over the shoulder pose or the hair.”

(submitted by IG @amberaber

Background Energy

“1991 was a wild time to be alive. I may not have had any control over how my mother styled those bangs but I did have control over that sweet, sweet portrait background choice. Also, I’m not sure what’s going on with my teeth.”

(submitted by IG @titty_mcboobles_

Power Pose

“Unfortunately, it’s me. I took dance in high school. Don’t regret taking dance, just the picture.”

(submitted by Jeremy)