Magician Photobomb Is Pure Magic

Whereas normally we are treated to drunk men shouting obscenities or flashing their bums, magicians Young & Strange have ramped it up a notch. Not content with just appearing on national TV and waving at their mums, the duo performed a pretty decent ‘shrinking man’ illusion in front of Westminster.

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The Pepper Hacker

Technology has hijacked family dinnertime. So to help bring families together for dinner, Dolmio created the Pepper Hacker. It cracks pepper, shuts down TVs, wipes out WiFi and disables mobile devices.

Wow, this is going to make pepper even more unpopular with kids.

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Pie Face

Must. Have. Now.

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Mayor Forgets To Turn Off Mic In Bathroom

For everyone who is a fan of Leslie Neilsen and Naked Gun, this will make you very happy.

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We have to hand it to Geico for creating an ad that’s actually fun to watch.

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