I Have A Confession To Make

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Dear Buzzfeed, Uproxx, Time, EW, HuffPo, Gawker, Perez Hilton, Daily Mail, Yahoo, Vulture, USA Today, Celebuzz, and everyone else on the internet,

Yep, I wrote the ill-fated Not Another High School Show that seems to be making the rounds due to the fact it featured both Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence before they were famous. Some have been kinder than others and actually get that the show was intentionally silly. Others like Joshua Rivera from decided to go after me with their snark pistols fully loaded, which is to be expected. Now to the show itself… is it a masterpiece? No. Could it have been better? Absolutely. Is it really really really bad? No, not three “reallys”. In truth, I stand by it just as I stand by the movie that inspired it, Not Another Teen Movie (which has its critics too, but also a ton of devoted cult fans), which I worked on in 2001. And the cast of the high school show was awesome and yes, that included Brie and Lawrence… but a ton of other talented people as well who will soon have their day. Ultimately, the show didn’t go through because of budget issues, not because of a scene involving Muffy’s muff (which admittedly we questioned until the final edit). In my opinion there are tons of gems in that pilot and wish people could see those too. I leave it to Comedy Central to post the whole episode, but I’ll give you a few never-before-seen highlights. And no matter what the reaction is from here, I, like Taylor Swift “will shake shake shake shake it off.”

Co-Founder, AFP

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A Song For The Nerd

Here at AFP, we love our geeks and so we dedicate this video to all of the magnificent ones out there.

(Music and lyrics by Jamie Cowperthwait)

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