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Stay Kool

“My parents gave me cigarette packs to teeth on.”

(submitted by IG @jessicas_pants

Roberto Ross

“My dad’s name is Roberto…so he was a natural. A dark skinned Latino version of Bob Ross . My sister already had me convinced I was the mailman’s kid and our dad’s afro only helped her false narrative. None of it mattered as long as I had my Bert sweatshirt!”

(submitted by Mercedes) 

The Tourists

“This is my husband and his older brothers. I don’t know if these were homemade or store bought. Neither answer makes this ok.”

(submitted by Dana) 

Glamour Guy

“My husband hid these from me for years, I was going through stuff to clean out some junk and found them hidden and I almost died laughing.”

(submitted by Heidi)

Gello Shot

“My 2001 school photo. In order to perfect this aesthetic masterpiece, I put a massive amount of gel in my wet hair, then I bent over and swung my hair around and blow dried it upside down until the gel hardened completely… I got a little lightheaded each time, but clearly worth it!”

(submitted by IG @sarawunschmusic)

Mom’s Blues

“My son made a nice little Mother’s Day Booklet for me when he was in grade one. I must have been having a rough month.”

(submitted by Laura) 

Spin Cycle

“The time my sister put me in the dryer and fed me dry cat food.”

(submitted by IG @jungle_grundle


“1980. El Segundo, California. My grandmother and her fourth husband on their wedding day.”

(submitted by IG @_riley_young_)


“Me, my husband and our 2 children – it’s our 2021 holiday photo and no matter how we tried to entertain our son, he wasn’t having it.”

(submitted by IG @rcaro24

Baby Attacks!

“I was a big baby and my dad had this great idea of making me look like a monster on my birth announcement.”

(submitted by IG @makispring