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Meet Gurgle

“Yes, my father’s ventriloquist dummy, Gurgle Worthington, was a part of the family.”

(submitted by Aubrey)

The Exhibitionists: Camel Edition

My brother, sister and I at Western Plains Zoo circa 1991. This photo is awkward enough for the fashions we are sporting, but is cemented by the camels in the background. With my brother gesturing and us all smiling it looks as though we are aware of what is going on, but none of us can imagine either of our parents intentionally taking this photo.”

(submitted by Eva)

Feeding Time

“Yes, that’s my brother eating dog biscuits, and yes, that’s my mom taking the picture instead of stopping him.”

(submitted by Erin)


“This is me with my wife’s family (I’m the second one from the right in the red plaid shirt). My father-in-law (against the tree with the serious face) had kidney stones at the time, was on some major pain pills, and it was actually his idea to take this picture! It’s not until I look back at this photo now and realize just how awkward this really is… everything about it.”

(submitted by Keenan)

And Then There Were Six

“This family photo hung in my Pop and Gram’s house for years. To say they didn’t like my aunt’s ex-husband may have been an understatement.”

(submitted by Staci)

The Cat’s Meow

“My wife was trying to get a cute picture of our baby crawling. She didn’t notice what was going on in the background.”

(submitted by Seth) 

The Toilet Tour

“So there were my brother and I smiling in front of toilets in a museum in England in the summer of ’87.”

(submitted by Marte)


“Trying to take a nice picture of my daughter and her cousin who had just graduated – we noticed later my husband in the background trying to grab my son.”

(submitted by Marilou)

Fountain of Love

“My son was almost two weeks old and I decided to do a cute sibling photo but he started to pee and his sister didn’t notice.”

(submitted by IG @jennawoo22)


Spider-Man: Very Far From Home

“We hired a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for our son’s 3rd birthday party. It was the most awkward half hour of my life.”

(submitted by IG @bren_cola_official)