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Boy Of The Year

“My husband in the early 90s taken at a fair in Florida. I can’t tell you how long I laughed when I saw this picture.”

(submitted by IG @wallasoud

Seasonal Depression

“Our family portrait. I was the one face down in the ground.”

(submitted by Victoria)

Easter Surprise

“This was taken Easter morning in 1986. That’s me and my little sister (14 years younger than me) and I had come home from college for the weekend and must have been out the night before. I obviously wasn’t too happy about having to wake up early for Easter festivities. I think when my Mom took this picture, she was just happy to have her son home from college to help celebrate the holiday.”

(submitted by John)

In The Name Of Science

“My son’s assignment was finding a field of science to research and draw a picture of. My son chose proctology.”

(submitted by Nicole)

Nightmare On Sesame Street

“Growing up my brother and I didn’t have access to the real Sesame Street….. so we had to settle for these two. I don’t know how we weren’t scared out of our minds.”

(submitted by Craig) 

The Puffy Jacket

“My mom when she was younger went on vacation and the hair and jacket are worth a thousand words.”

(submitted by IG @arielwalterrr11_)

Breakfast Of Champions

“Didn’t everybody have a ‘weedies’ poster over their crib? Gotta love the 70’s..simpler times.”

(submitted by IG @sylpixyou


“My son really loves vacuums. Reeeeeeeally loves them. On preschool picture day, he was so miserable, and was offered the preschool’s vacuum cleaner to play with to cheer him up before his photo. When I picked him up, I was told that I “might see a bit of the vacuum in the photo.”

(submitted by Caroline)

Moon Exile

“My 6 year old’s drawing of our family. We got kicked off the earth and sent to the moon.”

(submitted by IG @christinebenhart


“Me and my Dad, going for a drive on the freeway. 1988.”

(submitted by IG @nativeorange)