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The Ol’ Collage Try

“When printed photos didn’t look good, my grandmother carefully selected the best parts to create a collage. Do please take a look at the flying hand.”

(submitted by IG @adelaidedibilio)

Shark Tank

“This is me, my brother and my mother on a Disney cruise ship in the 1980s. It was called the Disney Big Red boat and I had a sharkskin suit.”

(submitted by IG @justinrscher


Express Yourself

“This is my life now:

My high schooler: ‘I’m never having children.’
My middle schooler: ‘If I look good then I can at least cut out a headshot from this photo.’
My elementary schooler: ‘I’m smiling pretty but oh my god what is he doing.’
My toddler: ‘I AM DONE.'”

(submitted by Samantha) 


Ricotta Coma

“Just me, asleep, with a ricotta cheese container. It was a regular occurrence from what I’ve been told.”

(submitted by IG @bucket_list_brunch)

The Nutcracker

“I work at a ballet school and kids often present artwork to their favorite teachers for the holidays…like this masterpiece of a nutcracker, with his sword.”

(submitted by IG @virginiaoxford

One And Done

“My daughter was clearly overwhelmed at her cake smash.”

(submitted by IG @aliciamastrid

Smoking Meal

“Nothing says Happy 6th Birthday like a private party in the designated smoking section of McDonald’s, circa 1987.”

(submitted by IG @erinkoning

Salon de Mom

“My mom said she could cut my hair. She did. Two days later were yearbook pictures.”

(submitted by Mark) 


“Told our son to put his arm around his sister for annual Xmas card pic – she didn’t like it.”

(submitted by Sandy) 

The Player

“My Grandma took me to the L.A. Playboy Club for my 4th birthday in 1974.”

(submitted by IG @seantraceytroubadour)