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The Hobbyists

“My mom had a field day at Picture People in the mall. She had us all dress for our hobbies.”

(submitted by IG @tnbreezy)


“For my preschool photo day, my mom made me a pair of airplane print zubaz to match my two-sizes-too-big sneakers. Gotta love that 1992 style.”

(submitted by IG @sparklemeat ) 

Smoke Show

“My 1991 karate class photo.”

(submitted by IG @rioratt419 ) 

Welcome to Pumpkin Land

“My brother at Pumpkin Land in the early 90s and Big Bird looks hungry.”

(submitted by IG @peanut_butter_jilly

In Sync

“My sisters and me (I’m on the far right with the perm) in the early 90s.”

(submitted by @melissanewbill)

Our Little Angel

“This is my family Christmas card from 1999. I was the angel.”

(submitted by IG @carolinetheengineer

The Money Shot

“This is a picture of my older brother, Timmy, circa 1994 (around the time Richie Rich came out in theaters). Everything about this picture screams early nineties. And what makes this photo so great is not the modest pile of dollar bills at his feet. This photo is priceless because my mom calls it, ‘The Money Shot.’ My mom may be the real highlight of the story.”

(submitted by Meg) 

Got Goth?

“1991 High school Graduation photo. I was goth. Can you tell? All of the kids got 2 sets of photos, one with and one without the cap and gown. I refused to wear the cap for either photo. It didn’t fit anyway.”

(submitted by IG @_michelemelcher_)

Back Off

“So much 90s in one picture from my oh so cool outfit, to my all floral bedroom, and of course my beanie baby collection which I was sure would make me millions one day. I was the coolest kid ever…in my own head.”