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Leg Up

“This is how I found my husband and son after a diaper change. Neither was aware anything was amiss. It still makes me laugh 10 years later.”

(submitted by Heather) 

Sharp Objects

“Florida, Halloween 1980. Me and my dad. My parents took a very liberal approach to the question of whether babies should be allowed to carve their own pumpkins.”

(submitted by IG @pandts)

Two Faced

“I was so cute it was frightening.”

(submitted by IG @callendergirl83)

Baby Bud

“It was my dad’s favorite beer, so his mother-in-law bought the fabric and made the sheets for my crib.”

(submitted by IG @lindsaykoehler12)

The Metaphor

“Our newborn son was less than a week old when during a change when he projectile pooped directly into the center of a fan heater. This hit the whirling fan blades spraying its insides and heating element (imagine the awkward smell), the side of the bed, the carpet and my wife. Great shot, son. Luckily I had my camera on hand to capture this rare and awkward moment when a metaphor was made literal.”

(submitted by Andrew)

Get Off My Crib

“These are my dad’s baby pictures. He was born an old man.”

(submitted by IG @katebeds

Rainbow Maker

“Niagara Falls, 2016. We discovered where rainbows come from.”

(submitted by IG @annaliesethegnome

Baby Brain

“My husband as an infant. I prayed our children would not inherit his large cranium.”

(submitted by IG @maheenott

Bottle Service

“My dad, me, and a beer bottle resting on my face. This was how he liked to hold me.”

(submitted by Lanny)

A New Generation

“My fiance and his little brother. From the red overalls without shirts to the Pepsi can AND bottle…its just amazing.”

(submitted by Kayla)