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Holding Pattern

“My dad multi-tasking.”

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Getting The Axe

“My wife took the toddler and left me with the baby yesterday morning. She’s a worrywart and I love photoshop. Lesson learned; don’t reply with just a photoshopped picture when she asks how things are going with the baby.”

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Not So Itsy Bitsy

“We hired a friend to take family photos for our annual Christmas card. During the photo session, between family poses, she snapped cute candids of my husband and I interacting with our kids. Later, she brought us a CD with all the images, but warned us that she had discovered something very disturbing in one of the shots.”

(submitted by Liberty)

Baby Ponch

“When I was four months old, I looked like a cross between the Michelin Man and Erik Estrada.”

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Flipping Out

“I have this professional photo of my son and I blown up in my man cave.”

(submitted by Tom)


Background Brawl

“While taking some touching photos of my baby sitting up for the first time, his brother and cousin decided to join the photo.”

(submitted by Debbie) 

Feet Fault

“My son’s hide-and-go-seek spot.”

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Spit Take

“We were taking family selfies while sitting in the grass. Our girl ate a dead leaf and we noticed it a split second after this picture.”

(submitted by Simon) 

Bird Watching

“This was taken during a photo shoot for a Father’s Day present. I just wanted him to hold the heart right side up, and this is what he gave me. He has his parents’ subtle sense of humor.”

(submitted by Amie) 

Shirt Serendipity

“My friend unintentionally wore the most hilarious shirt ever to my child’s birth.”

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