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Upside Down

“The first grandchild in my family.”

(submitted by Uncle E)


Birthday Suit

“Typical family get together for my son’s first birthday at my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house. The house was filled with interesting artwork.”

(submitted by Perri) 

Jorge’s Balloon

“It’s me at 1 year.”

(submitted by Jorge in Brazil)


“Found this baby picture of me last night. Dad says my mom always did this. Can’t believe it never fell in!”

(via source)

Man Of The Hour

“My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born. So I took one.”

(via source)

Just The Two Of Us

“This was our first photo as a family after our son is born. He is two weeks old, and we were still getting used to having another family member!”

(submitted by Baylee)


“My wife sent me this picture of our son today. I had to take a second look.”

(via source)

Dad Hack

“Found while cleaning out old photos; they would all scream for food at once so I came up with a way to do 3 bottles simultaneously.”

(via source)

Rival Arrival

“My niece was so excited to have a cousin until she saw how much attention that new cousin was taking from her.”

(submitted by Jen) 

In Good Hands

“My daughter’s reaction when holding her new baby sister. Much heavier than the dolls she practiced on.”

(via source)