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Scissor Move

“At my niece’s birthday party, everyone was so busy assembling the toy car that no one noticed my son making off with the scissors. (He was fine…my sister caught him at it moments after this pic was snapped).”

(submitted by IG @jessiespatch

String Theory

“My family would frequently visit my grandmother in Florida. I’m the baby in the stroller int is picture.During these visits my parents loved to bike. Only in the 80s could you allow your infant son to be towed along behind your bike with a string!”

(submitted by Corey) 


“This is the photo of my grandmother holding me just hours after I was born. Clearly she was enthused about the arrival of her 5th grandchild.”

(submitted by IG @williamshoey)

My First Pack

“My brother’s professional photograph. I guess there were no props available because he is holding mom’s cigarettes.”

(submitted by IG @Donna) 

Take One

“Our first photo with our new baby.”

(submitted by Kamen)

Meet Egg Face

“My husband made my son a ‘Happy Birthday egg’ for his first birthday.”

(submitted by IG @luberville

Caffeine Free

“My husband wanted coffee but I didn’t want to be late for our family portrait session.”

(submitted by Priscilla)

The Airbag

“Dad, Mom and me going for a spin – totally safe.”

(submitted by Chip)

The Family Dinner

“During a visit to our Mum Mum and Pop Pop’s house, Mom thought it was the right moment to take a group photo. I’m the baby in the background looking confused.”

(submitted by Kat)

Trunk Show

“Just me and my dad taking a break from a road trip in the 1970s. Apparently my parents found it convenient to just pop the trunk and prop me in a box while they took a break from driving. I had always heard the story and now I finally have proof.”