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The Horror

“According to my mother, my little brother was terrified of the stuffed animal that the photographer was using to attempt to get him to smile.”

(submitted by Rachel)

Snow Day

“This is a picture of little me on my first real snow day. What compelled my mother to buy this snowsuit, let alone dress me in it and bring me out in public, I have no idea.”

(submitted by Kelly)

Bundle Of Oy

“This is my mom and dad on the day my younger brother was born in 1992.”

(submitted by IG @heathermrector

Baby Doll

“My daughter and her doll.”

(submitted by IG @melissagrace1966


The Sandbox

“This is my son when he was a year old. I walked into the room and found this, along with my 3 y.o. saying ‘Look mom! Otis is playing in the sandbox!'”

(submitted by IG @amberliddle)

Big Balloon

“This is me when I was a one year old with my big balloon.”

(submitted by Jorge)

Beer Me

“Dad was in charge while mom was at work.”

(submitted by IG

The Silencer

“Family photo with my extended family in 1987. Everyone was having a good time which gave me the perfect opportunity to try to shut up my little cousin.”

(submitted by IG @_h0tsauce_

Stay Kool

“My parents gave me cigarette packs to teeth on.”

(submitted by IG @jessicas_pants


“Me, my husband and our 2 children – it’s our 2021 holiday photo and no matter how we tried to entertain our son, he wasn’t having it.”

(submitted by IG @rcaro24