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Double Duty

“My twin and I were born 8 weeks premature and were in the ICU for a month before we were released with the doctor’s orders to ‘feed them every 3 hours.’ This is us at 6 months old. The doctor neglected to tell my mom when to stop feeding us around the clock…”

(submitted by IG @arianacrow



“Paid a lot for our family portrait session…our little one wasn’t impressed.”

(submitted by IG @yonuh89


“Nobody could convince me that yogurt tasted good.”

(submitted by IG @suzyjakuzy

What Are You Looking At?

“Not one smile, my dad’s chest hair is popping, I’m the baby and I look stunned. And why is my dad’s collar touching his shoulders?!”

(submitted by Shannon)  

Baptism By George

“I think my family might have liked Seinfeld.”

(submitted by Amelia)

King Baby

“I was a large baby with a keen fashion sense. My brothers are 7 and 9 years older than me in this picture but somehow I am the same size (and probably weight). In the picture I look excited (probably because I just ate or was going to).”

(submitted by Adam) 

Dad’s Big Day

“Me, shortly after delivering my twins and with horrible nausea and vomiting from the anesthesia and my husband thought it was the perfect time for a photo.”

(submitted by IG @achave2)

Off His Gourd

“First Halloween pics didn’t go as planned.”

(submitted by Mike) 

He’s Got This

“My husband was a natural at parenting.”

(submitted by IG @erinmstrouse

Herding The Grandkids

“Photo of all the grandchildren. I always thought it was funny how much was going in this photo, plus the two awkward arms in the bottom of the photo holding babies in place!”

(submitted by Julie)