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“I thought it would be cute for my daughter to announce to our family on Facebook that we were having baby #4. Let’s just say she was not too happy when we told her! She cried for an hour straight! So this is all I could get from her.”

(submitted by Lisa)

I’m Not Here

“My parents trying to take our first family photo with me (the baby) and apparently it was too much pressure for my brother.”

(submitted by (IG @victoriachrostowski)

Marking His Territory

“This picture was taken in July 2012 for my daughter’s 3 month photos. We decided to let the dog join us, and my daughter was supposed to rest on the his side, but it looks like the he’s about to pee on her. My son is just miserable, and his popped Polo collar makes him look like he has stud earrings.”

(submitted by Hillary) 

Open Wide

“I was helping my sister with her smile.”

(submitted by IG @khitzing


“My mom, bless her soul, absolutely loved her dustbuster and thought all of us should have one for Christmas. We all posed with her and her trusty old one.”

(submitted by Peter)

Sightseeing With Grandpa

“Early 90s there was a train derailment onto a gas line near our house. Grandpa thought that was a nice photo op and drove my little brother to the explosion.”

(submitted by IG @waxandthreadsvintage)

Business Casual

“My son’s first ‘school pictures’ at daycare. I sent him to daycare with dress pants, a dress shirt onesie and a sweater vest on a hanger. They forgot his pants.”

(submitted by Kathy)

The Grinder

“This is a picture of one of my cousins in the early 80s hanging out in the kitchen and blissfully watching how sausage is made. ‘Cause that’s how we roll.”

(submitted by Mandy)

Body By Dad

“Me and my dad when I was brought home from the hospital.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

The Curse Of Christmas Past

“Me dressed as Santa holding my 7 month old brother. He still doesn’t like Christmas.”