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Happy Day

“My Mom was so excited to take birthday pictures she wouldn’t let me find the closest bathroom first. But that takes a backseat to the fact I can only assume this was my 4th birthday party since the well-decorated ‘Happy Day’ cake wasn’t overly descriptive.”

(submitted by Mark)

Birthday Boy

“Our Son’s yearly trip to the photographer gone awry.”

(submitted by Bob)

Spank E. Cheese

“This is me in 1984 getting spanked by Chuck E. Cheese on my 10th Birthday. I do not know why my mom didn’t see what was wrong with this picture!”

(submitted by IG @wilksea)

Behind The Birthday Girl

“It was my sister’s birthday and I was not happy about her getting all the attention.”

(submitted by IG @femaleputin

Baby Hazard

“December 8, 2002. My daughter’s father took the most amazing picture of our newborn.”

(submitted by IG @mcparent78)


Send In The Clown

“My brother was the clown at our family friend’s birthday party in 1981.”

(submitted by IG @beachpugmama)


“My sister blowing out her candles.”

(via source)

The Memento

“My family photo album includes a piece of cake. It is now 34 years old.”

(via source)

Clown Jam

“Why my parents loved to have clowns at our birthday parties I’ll never understand.”

(submitted by IG @darlene212)

Fish Food

“The cake we had planned to make for our sister’s 40th birthday party and the end result.”

(submitted by IG @franklingamms)