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The Web Slinger

“I was really proud of this Spiderman cake I made for my sons 4th birthday. I tried to get both Spiderman and the motorcycle he was riding on the top of the cake. Unfortunately, both didn’t fit. I didn’t realize until the party was in full swing what exactly Spiderman was doing to the cake.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

W Is For Birthday

“When I was six I had a George W. Bush-themed birthday. Disturbing? Amusing? Maybe both.”

(submitted by Josie) 

Ricky The Clown

“Ricky the Clown – hired by my dad for my 2nd birthday – haunts us to this day.”

(submitted by Rita) 

Sour Sixteen

“Our loving mother scheduled our youngest sister’s wisdom teeth extraction on her sixteenth birthday. Here she is celebrating afterwards. Cake, anyone?”

(submitted by Ashley and Kelsey)


My brother must have just turned 14 or 15 which apparently means that there is no party anymore. Instead he was stuck with an undecorated cake and a chicken pox/calamine lotion covered little sister to take his picture with. Clearly, neither one of us was very happy about it.

(submitted by Jamie)

The Candle Chip

“Yep, no birthday candles. Fortunately, my Boy Scout sons knew Doritos could hold a flame.”

(submitted by Rebecca)

Birthday Girl

“My 9th birthday, I guess I wasn’t having a great day.”

(submitted by IG @caro_tap

The Catusi

“My cousin’s birthday party and that’s Catwoman teaching me and my cousins how to dance.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Party Fowl

“Me on my Sesame Street-themed second birthday in 1989 and my uncle was dressed as Big Bird. Unfortunately, the costume shop forgot the tights when he picked it up.”

(submitted by IG @lauragrace612

Mistake Piggy

“This is my brother and sister Judy at one of their birthday parties in the early 80s. I don’t think my brother was aware of exactly what was behind him.”

(submitted by IG @ruthie_esther