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The Web Slinger

“I was really proud of this Spiderman cake I made for my sons 4th birthday. I tried to get both Spiderman and the motorcycle he was riding on the top of the cake. Unfortunately, both didn’t fit. I didn’t realize until the party was in full swing what exactly Spiderman was doing to the cake.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Dinner Music

“This was taken at my bro’s birthday party at the exact moment he decided to let one rip.”

(submitted by IG @dadtoafox

Sponge Fun

“I was thrilled to receive a present of sponges on my third birthday.”

(submitted by IG @kimbo.carr)

As The World Turns

“My younger son was not in the mood to celebrate his brother’s birthday.”

(submitted by IG @loosha1014


“My clown-themed birthday party.”

(submitted by IG @warnerjesse

Barney And Fiends

“Early 90s at a birthday party in Hollis, Queens and I was apparently not a big fan of Barney or his terrifying grin.”

(submitted by IG @ilana_dale_

Slippery Slope

“It was my kid’s birthday party and we were told we were getting a pirate slide.”

(submitted by Chris)

Knives Out

“It was my husband’s birthday. Happy 30th Dad.”

(submitted by IG @llaurennmiller)

The Birthday Party

“This is me at my 9th birthday party… apparently, it was laundry day as well. My best friend hit me in the face with a mini-golf putter at the Dairy Queen. It was an accident. Only two friends and my brother were still around for cake after I got home from the hospital. Really Mom, were there no clean shirts around?”

(submitted by Marc)

Scissor Move

“At my niece’s birthday party, everyone was so busy assembling the toy car that no one noticed my son making off with the scissors. (He was fine…my sister caught him at it moments after this pic was snapped).”

(submitted by IG @jessiespatch