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Christmas With Befana

“One year old me, Santa in furry slippers and the most disturbing and scary Befana ever. Italy, 1996 (In Italy the Befana is supposed to be an old, kind woman who deliver gifts to kids on Epiphany eve).”

(submitted by IG @beata.mente)

Shining Star

“It all started with an ugly sweater contest and severe lack of sleep.”

(submitted by Julie)

Llama Drama

“I picked out our annual family ornament after a couple of drinks. Apparently you have to be drunk for these to look like llama legs, because when I unwrapped it to hang it up they definitely did not.”

(submitted by Allison) 

Sunday Best

“Christmas of ‘69. Mom got a heckuva deal on fabric and yes indeed, we went to church like that.”

(submitted by IG @thatjillmunson

The Appetizer

“I was five and my brother was 18 months old and he thought candles were probably something interesting to eat.”

(submitted by IG @laurieompra

The Christmas Bunny

“This is a picture of me and my dad at Christmas time. Dad was smoking a cigarette and reading Playboy.”

(submitted by Jill) 

When Pigs Fly

“My mother’s attempt at a Christmas card photo circa 1994. The family pig Petunia would have none of it and attacked my younger brother while my other brother looks on gleefully.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Double Trouble

“I tried to get some Christmas card photos with my boys this year. My 5 year old was NOT having it and refused to cooperate. He’s glaring and has puffy, red eyes in most of them, but this one took the cake for me since the baby is puking as well.”

(submitted by IG @_mudhoney)

Christmas Ornaments

“This is me in 1970 when I was 5 and meeting a Santa who had face-boobs.”

(submitted by IG @mauisully)

Cranked Christmas

“I found this photo of my father and an inebriated Santa Claus.”

(submitted by Joseph)