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A Christmas Peak

“Christmas 2009. We went to the mall to take a picture with Santa and seemingly nothing went wrong… my son didn’t cry, the line was manageable but Santa’s attention was focused elsewhere.”

(submitted by IG @gungho_gorilla)

Santa Distancing

“My nephew meeting Santa this year.”

(submitted by IG @gene_beannn

Oy To The World

“My daughter was super sad because she couldn’t eat any cookies yet. Oy indeed.”

(submitted by IG @boonesfarmblonde

Our Little Angels

“My mom thought it would be a good idea to pose us as angels for the annual family Christmas card. My sister and I were skeptical.”

(submitted by IG @schlizzie_j)

Christmas With Befana

“One year old me, Santa in furry slippers and the most disturbing and scary Befana ever. Italy, 1996 (In Italy the Befana is supposed to be an old, kind woman who deliver gifts to kids on Epiphany eve).”

(submitted by IG @beata.mente)

56 Problems

“Me (left), my cousin and my sister got identical jogging suites and fanny packs from our grandmother for Christmas 1991. We already had identical hair cuts. My cousin is forcing my sister to smile by pinching my sister’s hand.”

(submitted by IG @raggsokkens)

Santa’s Little Yelpers

“It was a hard Christmas for my kids that year.”

(submitted by IG @frizziemom

Santa Clown

“Me and my sister, Christmas in Chile 1996. Apparently the Santa we visited had a second job and was also a clown on the same day (there was full clown makeup under the beard).”

(submitted by IG @alielliey

Bizarro Big Bird

“Here’s me in 1986 with this terrifying looking holiday Big Bird where you can see the guy’s face in the cutout below the beak.”

(submitted by IG @karamasm

Santa Lucia

“When I was a little girl in 1976, my mom had me dress up for my school’s Christmas heritage parade. She told me about Santa Lucia, how she was a Swedish saint and then she dressed me as her complete with lit candles on my head. I just read about Santa Lucia and learned she isn’t Swedish, she’s Italian. My mom nearly set me on fire for a heritage that is not mine.”

(submitted by IG @justokcannabis