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Santa’s Little Helper

“I was either 2 or 3 and was visiting ‘Santa’ at my dad’s job.”

(submitted by Dan)

Santa Got Run Over By A Reindeer

“This picture was taken in about 1952. The boy sitting on the lap of ‘Santa’ is my husband’s cousin, Teddy. ‘Santa’ is ‘Uncle Bob’ who apparently didn’t notice that his mask was melting off. My husband thankfully doesn’t remember any of this. No word if little Teddy ever recovered from the trauma.”

(submitted by Michelle) 

Santa’s First Pick

“My daughter’s first time meeting Santa went really swell. Clearly my son is a big fan as well.”

(submitted by IG @krista_r25)

Bizarro Christmas

“My Christmas was scary in Yugoslavia.”

(via source)

56 Problems

“Me (left), my cousin and my sister got identical jogging suites and fanny packs from our grandmother for Christmas 1991. We already had identical hair cuts. My cousin is forcing my sister to smile by pinching my sisters hand.”

(submitted by IG @raggsokkens)

The Chimney Alternative

“I’ve seen it happen in movies but never dreamed I would see it in real life. Shocked children at bottom for extra OMG. ‘No kids it’s not Santa, just Uncle Jeff trying to get the tree.’ Merry Christmas, y’all!”

(via source)

Santa’s Little Skeptic

“My daughter is very skeptical of Santa and why his glove is touching her.”

(submitted by IG @michellepickering1207)

Mad Santa

“I think my twin sister and I could sense Santa’s disdain.”

(submitted by Kristiana)

Dear Satan

“Nephew is unknowingly making a deal with the devil.”

(via source)

Bottle Service

“This is a photo of my brother’s family.  We were trying to get a nice Christmas card photo, and my brother was getting rid of his beer so it wouldn’t be in the picture. He wasn’t fast enough.”

(submitted by Ashley)