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Plaid Christmas

“My grandmother bought my brothers a new suit each Christmas and liked them to match, while I was loving my Mrs. Beasley.”

(submitted by Jennifer) 

AFP Legends

“Dad passed away a few years ago, but they were always good sports for the holiday photos.”

(submitted by Christopher) 

Dry Christmas

“I was so excited to get this battery operated hair dryer that I wore it all day. And to Christmas dinner.”

(submitted by Tamara)

I’ll Be Buzzed For Christmas

“Circa 1986. My grandma had two cups of coffee and a pack of cigs that Christmas morning.”

(submitted by IG @barbelle1207)

Almost In Wonderland

“My mom had the idea to photoshop us all on a ‘mushroom log’ one year, which required a lot of green screen editing. We sent this out for our Christmas card that year.”

(submitted by IG @benthevanman)

Santa Sloshed

“My grandparents actually paid this man to come into our home for photos.”

(submitted by IG @redbowrachel)


“Christmas sometime in the early/mid 90s and this is me and my two sisters. My neighbor worked for Marlboro cigarettes and my mother decided that since their company sweatshirts were red, we should all wear them for our Christmas pictures.”

(submitted by IG @alekshenry)

Wet Christmas

“My Christmas photo from when I was a kid and peed myself at my grandpa’s office Christmas party. Can you blame me with that scary smurf just standing there?”

(submitted by IG @athermosforyou

Santa’s Little Hangover

“Me and the creepiest Santa ever. 1977”

(submitted by IG @ericsgirl100


“This is a picture of my dad and uncles sitting with Santa. My uncle Tex is the youngest who was clearly a bit nervous.”

(submitted by Sammantha)