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They could never understand why the boys weren’t interested.

(submitted by Tyler)

The Ex-Pat

Apparently, someone wasn’t patriotic enough.

(submitted by Ken)

Vengeance Dad

“This is my family circa 1976. It looks as if we are all just a figment of my dad’s imagination, and I’m sure there have been many times throughout our lives that he wishes that were the case. My dad has always been the levelheaded one in our family and this picture represents the fact that, when my mother, brother, or I were entertaining any sort of naughty behavior, there was always the vision of my dad lurking over our shoulders.”

(submitted by Hollye)

The Great Bambini

Photoshop conspiracists, please start your engines.

(submitted by Jeremy, who is standing by to defend his photo)

See the original “Great Bambini” here:


Dad thought they would warm up the baby’s room.

(submitted by Kevin)


He showered all of his children with love.

(submitted by Skyla)


It isn’t her he should be worrying about.

(submitted by Tyler)

*nobody was injured in the making of this photo

My Bodyguard

His dad will beat up your dad.

(submitted by James)

Birthday Casual

We’re going to give dad credit for the cake.

(submitted by Brandon)

Simply Radishing

As long as you’re comfortable.

(submitted by Linda)