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The Will To Entertain

“This is my buddy’s will he wrote before his deployment.”

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Rando In The Henhouse

“It was a lovely day in my parents garden. I love their hens, so I wanted a picture of one of them together with my best friend. Little did I know some guy was coming up behind us!”

(submitted by Theresa) 

The Seventh Wheel

“My friend was the only one without a prom date.”

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Mom Knows How To Party

“My friend is celebrating 20 years of marriage. He says nothing has changed.”

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Unfortunate Spacing

“My Mom made wine glasses to give to her friends for the holidays. Her spacing was a little off on the  first one…”

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Bake Away The Pain

“My friend baked away her Valentine’s Day woes…”

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Gaston Meets His Match

“My friend, who is a women’s studies major, just met Gaston at Disney World.”

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“My friends moved to a new place. This is their surrounding neighbors Wifi Network Names.”

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Your Move, Fabio

“So my friend decided he needed a new winter Facebook profile pic.”

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Next-Level Roommate Wars

“A friend of mine works in a grocery store. He just created this order.”

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