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The Glamorous Life

“Me and my mom in the early 90s. I think I’m 15 in this photo and I remember the thick full body makeup and hot rollers.”

(submitted by Azalea)

No Filter

“When my mom doesn’t like how she looks in pictures, she ‘photoshops’ an image of herself from college.”

(submitted by IG @chauntelsrazorgallery

Sign Of The Times

“This is my Mom circa 1987 in Amish Country PA, which would explain the wooden Amish family statues. But the Love, Sex, and the IRS sign behind her…no explaining that!”

(submitted by IG @tonikey)

Kraftwerk It

“Berlin, 1980s. My mom’s mullet is the cherry on top of this moody photo.”

(submitted by IG @maliwali

The Original Tan Mom

“My mother was so tan, she looked like a member of a different family. On another note, our dog ‘Snowball’ seemed pleased.”

(submitted by IG @douglaswrightmeyer

Two Face

“The church directory photographer created this of me and my mom and my parents bought a 5×7. I always hated it.”

(submitted by IG @kriscrouse13)

The Print Edition

“My mom printed this photo from her phone.”

(submitted by IG @gnarlynatty)

Light It Up

“This is the happiest I’ve seen my mom in a long time!”

(via source)

License To Thrill

“My mom was so excited when it was time to renew her driver license and get a new picture taken. She made herself a DMV appointment, had her hair done the day before, and gave herself extra time to get herself picture ready for her new driver’s license picture. This was the result.”

(submitted by @kkilimnik)

The Support Staff

“Her husband went to the pregnancy room with her to cheer her up.”

(via source)