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Grandpa’s Newest Hobby

“My grandfather and his hobbies…”

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It’s The Thought That Counts

“My niece colored a mug for my Jewish grandpa’s birthday.”

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Holy Cow

“Old picture of myself and my little cousin on Grandpa’s farm.”

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Granddaddy Daycare

“So, grandpa babysat today…”

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Medieval Times

“My friend had a medieval themed wedding and her grandpa showed up like this.”

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Error Message

“My friend’s Grandpa brought handwritten copies of error messages to family lunch to ask for advice.”

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Same Here

“I received a birthday card… thanks a lot, Grampa.”

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Strip Search

“In cleaning out at Grandma’s house today, with some Rockstar Renegades, we came across a precious family photo showing a few of us grandkids celebrating Grandpa’s birthday with him. And a stripper. Isn’t that precious? She was cousin Jason’s first crush, and remarkably looks just like his sister. I know we’re redneck and all, but ummm… And I’m not sure if I’m picking my nose in disgust, or pondering a career in exotic dancing, as I already have the wardrobe.”

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The Nutty Professor

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He’s Bringing Belly Back

“Got grandpa a belly dancer for 60th birthday. Brought the same girl back for his 90th and she brought her daughter.”

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