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Mom & Dad

Vest In Show

“My family in the 70s. Grandma crocheted these sweater vests for us.”

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Two Goths And A Baby

“Ten years ago and our first family photo, it looked like we stole someone’s kid.”

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The Chug

“My favorite picture of my parents on their wedding day. 1991.”

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“My mother was taking the photo and told us to look at the light then at the camera to avoid red eye. But she took the photo too soon.”

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1,2,3 Grab

“An authentic family portrait.”

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She’s The One

“It just occurred to me that my parents might have a favorite child.”

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Deep Dive

“My mom and dad when they were dating in the 70’s.”

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The Family Portrait Debacle Of 1994

“After the Great Family Portrait Debacle of 1994, we no longer attempt group family photos.”

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Cold Comfort

“Dad takes Mom to meet the in-laws, 1978 NYC.”

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Holiday Reading

“Coming home for Thanksgiving can be an enlightening experience.”

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