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Mom & Dad

Morris The Cat

“My husband is the baby in this photo and those are his parents. His grandmother gave them all Morris the cat t-shirts (redeemed from a cat food giveaway) and made them pose for a picture in them. I think the looks on everyone’s faces describes their appreciation for the gifts.”

(submitted by IG @trinatheone

Fall Flinchers

“My mom loves taking fall photos. Unfortunately my family detests direct sunlight. And my youngest brother is apparently just biding his time until his next golf tournament.”

(submitted by IG @thevranchz)

An Overall Success

“My family’s first and last ‘professional’ family photo when I (the baby) was 18 months old.”

(submitted by IG @abigaillll_bishop

One Fall Day

“One Fall day when the two and four year old were done with the shoot.”

(submitted by Brett) 

Moon Exile

“My 6 year old’s drawing of our family. We got kicked off the earth and sent to the moon.”

(submitted by IG @christinebenhart

Missionary Position

“1990. We were in our second year of missionary work in Karachi, Pakistan and this was the test shot before our family pic for the school directory. We were ready for our close ups!”

(submitted by IG @recodemind

Father Timer

“These are my parents. My dad thought of himself as an amateur photographer, and made a dark room out of an unused closet. This was his creepy foray in editing…”

(submitted by Brian)

Back At Ya

“That’s me, the flower girl on the left and this pose was definitely the photographer’s idea. He worked at the hospital where my mom and stepdad worked (bride & groom), so he wasn’t a professional photographer, or really any good.”

(submitted by IG @vee_leigh)

Lawn Sprinkler

“I was taking a photo of my daughter and her family at a pool party for Memorial Day. The sun was in my eyes so I was just blindly taking the pics hoping I could get a decent shot. I guess I did.”

(submitted by IG @candletheories


“1971. Sitting on my dad’s lap in our very yellow family photo.”

(submitted by IG @actionwoman