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Mom & Dad

Men (& Women) In Black

“My family took this photo for our baptist church directory in the late 90s. It was a bit of a scandal but in our defense, Men In Black had just come out.”

(submitted by IG @erintarver)

Spirit Of ’76

“This was taken in 1976 on our country’s Bicentennial because nothing screams ‘Murica’ like dressing up like our forefathers. I’m the little guy that resembles a puppet.”

(submitted by IG @randyfield)

Garden Party

“I am the baby on the grass here. And contrary to what it looks like, I was sleeping. Mom had brought me home from the hospital in Mobile, Alabama back in 1967 (the only girl) and Dad wanted to get us all in a photo. Dad staged that ghastly floral placement but he ended up owning a very successful landscaping company for over three decades so he CLEARLY stepped up his game.”

(submitted by Rosalyn)

Glam Fam

“My 80s rockstar parents and me looking like a marionette.”

(submitted by IG @skyguy5000)

No Frills

“Our very 80’s K-Mart photo session taken in Michigan in 1988 and I’m the chunky baby.”

(submitted by IG @lorenbixby

Just Dad

“My Dad decided to wear this shirt on family vacation in 1993.”

(submitted by IG @thatslaurendyas)

Jesse’s Protest

“My Mom bought a family portrait for a school fundraiser.  My little brother, Jesse, refused to cooperate, so finally my Mom told him he could just turn around.  Sixteen-year-old me is in the tie-dye, wishing this was not my family.”

(submitted by Gina)

Yellow Fever

“This is what happens when you sneeze during an Olan Mills Christmas picture session. And yes, my parents still used this as our Christmas card. And I have no explanation for the color scheme.”

(submitted by IG @brookeeecoleman

Wreath Hair

“This photo was in 2016 of my husband and I with our son for his homecoming dance. I posted this on my social media and so many people were trying to figure out what I did to my hair and I had no idea why. I finally realized I had ‘wreath hair.'”

(submitted by IG @aumom318

Baptism By George

“I think my family might have liked Seinfeld.”

(submitted by Amelia)