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Mom & Dad

Having Fun Yet?

“This is an outtake from a 2012 family photo session where we were all obviously having so much fun.”

(submitted by IG @mombastic)

To Infinity

“Went to Infinity on the Gold Coast, we were forced to wear white shoe covers and gloves. We don’t know why.”

(submitted by Dominic) 

Grandpa Casual

“My mom sent me this and said ‘I’m trying to figure out where all of us were going??’ I really hope my grandfather wasn’t joining them.”

(submitted by IG @nordybynature)

Open Wide

“The photographer had a wacky request for our facial expressions.”

(submitted by IG @draxx_sklounst)

Mistake On The Lake

“We stayed at this lovely lakeside resort in McCall, Idaho and the hope was to capture a scenic and memorable photo for our annual holiday/Christmas card. ‘Memorable’ is what we ended up with because we dared to suggest our two year old say ‘cheeeeeeze’ for the photo.”

(submitted by Anita)

My Inhairitance

“This was taken in 1990, Alberta Canada. Can you tell my mom used to do my dad’s hair?”

(submitted by IG @tatealexandra_)

Dialed In

“My family owned an Internet service provider when I was growing up, and this was our big promo shot.”

(submitted by Nikki) 

Light It Up

“Family photo on one of our trips to Victoria, BC in the 1990s. I’m sitting on my dad’s lap on the right in front of an uplifting message on the lighthouse.”

(submitted by IG @julthomps


“My parents took us to the Masters back in the 80s. It was such a momentous occasion my dad paid for this picture and had it framed. Hint: I’m wearing purple.”

(submitted by IG @complainasaurus_rex

Daughter Brawl

“This pretty much sums up my childhood. I’m the blond on the left burying my head in my sister’s lap while she gets in a cheap shot. The youngest is fish-hooking my other sister while my mother looks on and laughs. My father is letting everyone know what his future looks like with four daughters like these.”

(submitted by Linday)