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Mom & Dad


“Not sure what our wedding photographer was thinking. 1989, My mom and dad hovering above the church (and they were alive at the time).”

(submitted by IG @wolffjewels

String Theory

“My family would frequently visit my grandmother in Florida. I’m the baby in the stroller int is picture.During these visits my parents loved to bike. Only in the 80s could you allow your infant son to be towed along behind your bike with a string!”

(submitted by Corey) 

Bird House

“That’s me in the front and I was in love with Michael Jackson and had to wear the pins on my dress. The birds were our pets and we loved them. We went everywhere with them including the grocery store :-)”

(submitted by IG @kirsten_texas_turner

First Family

“When my parents were getting their portraits taken, the photographer had an idea. My Mom wore a tube top and my Dad took his shirt off. The photographer even entered this in a photography contest and won. He gave them a copy of the photo for posing for him, but what he truly gave us is an amazing captured moment that made me wonder if this is what married life is like. I saw this picture every day hanging up in their bedroom.”

(submitted by Nicole)

Days Of Denim

“This is my family around 1995 or so. The height of CK1 and denim themed family photos apparently. That’s me in the front gripping on for dear life while I try to hold my serious face pose.”

(submitted by Lindsay)

Caffeine Free

“My husband wanted coffee but I didn’t want to be late for our family portrait session.”

(submitted by Priscilla)

The Airbag

“Dad, Mom and me going for a spin – totally safe.”

(submitted by Chip)

Denim Daze

“1994, Freeport, NY. My mom said we needed to wear matching outfits and I guess we all just loved denim.”

(submitted by IG @gcaliolo


“We were Celebrating 6 months with twins.”

(submitted by IG @kaymsanders

Grandpa Casual

“My mom sent me this and said ‘I’m trying to figure out where all of us were going??’ I really hope my grandfather wasn’t joining them.”

(submitted by IG @nordybynature)