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Potty Of Three

“This is a photo of my mother with my brother on her lap. I am the one with chicken pox standing in the front. There are SO many things wrong with this photo. The first being location, I guess my mother  just needed a place to sit. The question I have is why the big hair and makeup?”

(submitted by Chelsey)

Mixer Remix

“The mixer didn’t work, so Mom improvised.”

(via source)

Feliz Cumple

“My mom made me a birthday cake. It’s supposed to say ‘Feliz Cumple’ (happy birthday in Spanish) but she ran out of room. Bless her soul.”

(via source)

Mom’s Masterpiece

“My mom missed a group photo, so she offered to Photoshop herself in.”

(via source)

Man Of The Hour

“My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born. So I took one.”

(via source)

Glam Girls

“My Mom and I got glamour shots taken together.”

(via source)

Code Brown

“So my friend did a photo shoot for her newborn. Things went awry.”

(via source, photo by Photography by Carrie


“This was taken at my mom’s surprise 75th birthday tea party. We didn’t notice the sign behind her head when we took the picture.”

(submitted by Rebekah) 

Mom Without A Face

“When my mom needed a photo of herself for some documents, she just cut out her head and left the photo like this in our family album.”

(submitted by Varvara) 

What Are U Lookin’ At?

“My wife and my daughter, circa one year old. My daughter does not like having her picture taken. Especially when eating biscuits. She looks like a little rugby player.”

(submitted by Daniel)