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The Shape Of Mother

“My 62 y/o mother dressed as the creature from The Shape of Water for her Oscar party.”

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Cat Fancy

“My boyfriend commissioned a very fancy portrait of my cat for our anniversary.”

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Beast Mode

“So, my wife is a centaur.”

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The Horn

“My wife and I went to a child’s birthday party. The theme was ‘unicorns.'”

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Beetle Barbie

“My daughter fixed her cousin’s barbie after the head popped off and would not re-attach.”

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The Wrestler

“My uncle just dug up proof he wrestled a bear for two chicken sandwiches in the 70s.”

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You Complete Me

“That moment where your new girlfriend points out that she looks exactly like you.”

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Ethan’s List

“My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother.”

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Pretty, Pretty Good

“So my mom ‘met’ Larry David today.”

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Axe Man

“My girlfriend’s brother is 15. This is his drawer in the bathroom.”

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