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Cat In The Hat

“My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on. I guess they misheard.”

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MC Hammer

“My friend was the MC for his sisters wedding. He forgot he put the microphone in his pocket.”

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Pinot And Plumbing

“My dad, drinking wine and fixing the toilet, circa 1990.”

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On The Rocks

“We loved this particular beach in Minnesota. We didn’t realize what the writing on the rock meant until much later! My sister (left) and her best friend would sit and play in front of that rock for hours. Good to know that some parents have an odd sense of humor.”

(submitted by Leeana)

The Name Game

“My cousin is a preschool teacher and asked her students to suggest names for the baby she is expecting. It went well.”

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Son Of Anarchy

“My husband’s baby photo is cooler than yours.”

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Down Boy

“I failed at taking engagement pictures today. When you see it…”

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Baby’s First Graffiti

“Picture of my daughter crawling at the skate park. It looks like she’s writing profanity.”

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Vacation Bunch

“This was taken just before we were attached to a steel cable and hurled through the Thai jungle (like a flying fox – the tour was called “Flight of the Gibbons.”) As you can see, my husband looks like he was quite excited about the tour.”

(submitted by Peta)

Rock Formation

“Went to the Antelope Canyons in Arizona and really wanted to get that Instagram worthy shot, had my sister take the photo while I gazed at the ‘wonder’ of the rocks. Didn’t quite realize that this rock had a particular shape.”

(submitted by Lily)