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The Fountain Of Youth

“My brother had a photoshoot with his newborn son. Guess someone got too excited.”

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Double Trouble

“Came across some old photos of a weird looking baby today at my parents house. Found out it’s me at 4 weeks. Thank god they captured my beauty before I grew out of it.”

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Dog Bomb

“My friend’s dog jumped into the shot.”

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The Great Cousins Photo of 1989

“We had a family photo of all the cousins (minus 2 who weren’t born yet) taken for my grandparents wedding anniversary.”

(submitted by Rob)

Like Mother Like Son

“Mom’s costume for Halloween.”


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Tan Dad

“My Dad had parenting all figured out.”

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Hoop Dreams

“My brother-in-law has some *ahem* interesting ideas for pregnancy photos. This narrowly beat out the one of my sister’s stomach as a golf tee from her first pregnancy.”

(submitted by Andrea)

Good Time Girls

“Is that a name for a 7-8 year old softball team, or a gentleman’s club?”

(submitted by Amber) 

Mood Lighting

“The difference in lighting between my sister’s room vs my room at the exact same time of day.”

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“I love my dog but I don’t know if he feels quite the same way.”

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