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The Futurist

“The school assignment was to imagine what you will look like and do when you are 100 years old. My little 2nd grader chose to keep it real.”

(submitted by Lori) 

The Weekly Reader

“This is my 3 year old son. After telling me had to go #2 in the bathroom, I checked on him to find this. He was intensely ‘reading’ The Week magazine. When I asked him what he was doing he said, ‘Mom please leave, I’m reading this magazine while I’m pooping!”

(submitted by Kayla)

Hump Day

“My sister is getting into photography and recently took a trip to Africa. I told her to just quit now because she’ll never top this moment.”

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“My parents wedding day. 1980s.”

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Initial Here

“I feel like someone, not me, should explain to my 61 year old aunt how her initials may not be the best choice for a vanity plate.”

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Grandpa Jack

“Found out that my Grandfather was once Jack Black.”

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Weiner & Butt

“These were the names of my dad’s teachers in pre-school.”

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She’s Got Legs

“My mom said this was one of my favorite things to do as a child.”

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Let’s Bounce

“The entrance to this bounce house, displayed by my mother.”

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The College Experience

“My wife and I are going through a box of pictures and we found ones of us from college.”

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