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Over The Rainbow

This clown swears she’s never heard of Raggedy Ann or Ronald McDonald.

(submitted by Shayne)

The Hostage

Not every girl wants to grow up to look like Barbie.

(submitted by Kim)

New Kid On The Block

Somebody isn’t as thrilled about the new addition.

(submitted by Don)

The Boxer

Even the boxer thought the boxers were overkill.

(submitted by Scott)

The Bond

Another brother and sister brought closer together by the healing powers of Luxembourg.

(submitted by Nicole)

Napkin Please

“My Uncle’s wedding with his new wife. A picture perfect moment as they ride away in their petty cab… ruined by my sister accidentally throwing a red napkin instead of a rose petal.”

(submitted by Addison)

Chicken Little

The only real chicken is the guy who doesn’t love one.

(submitted by Kyle)

The Coppertone Boy

Another case of false advertising.

(submitted by Tom)

Poker Face

He said, “Wanna go to prom? She said, “I guess.”

(submitted by Andrew)

Oh, Christmas Tree

Even the tree felt this might be overkill.

(submitted by Annie)