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Cracking Up

“I was taking a picture of our dog laying between us one morning, and didn’t realize what the background appeared to look like. I sent the photo to several friends and family and everyone kept sending a laughing face. My best friend said, ‘Stacy, is that Chris’s butt in the background?’ It looks like his bare butt with a sheet shoved between his cheeks.’ I went back and looked and I could not stop laughing. It’s actually a part of his back and his arm is laying on top. It just appears to be something else!”

(submitted by Stacy) 

The Case Of The Missing Lipstick

“Discovered my lipstick like this. Wasn’t too hard to find the culprit.”

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The Wedding Gift

“Our best wedding photo.”

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The Anteater

“Just my mom with her anteater, Claude.”

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Brown Bagging It

“I bought my cat a new bed, but he had other ideas.”

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Cat House

“Went to visit my grandmother the true crazy cat lady today. And her dog that probably hates his life.”

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My Mother’s Gamecock

“My parents raised gamecocks back in the 70s and my dad wanted a picture of my mother with one. And now we have this lovely gem of a photograph.”

(submitted by Mitzi)

Under The Rainbow

“I was taking a picture of my dog with the rainbow in the background and he decided to poop.”

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Mini Me

“This dog has two faces and the second one is in an usual location.”

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Special Delivery

“My wife took a picture of me building a chicken coop.”

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