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The bird isn’t fooled.

(submitted by Amanda)

Mystery Of The Week Photo

Your guess is as good as ours.

(submitted by Kim)

Mug Shots

AFPP would like to bail these three out.

(submitted by Eric)


They only brought the bird out on special occasions.

(submitted by Suzy)

Samurai Dog

He would only bark in self-defense.

(submitted by Kazuma)

The Hat Trick

Happy Thanksgiving from AFPP!

His & Hers

For those who are generally confused about gender.

(submitted by Alissa)

Saturday Night Special: Pretty In Pink 2

“Our (male) cat, Coal, who I used to dress up in these pink baby sleepers.. on a regular basis.”

(submitted by Joanna)


Thank you to Hilary & Dan for representing Awkward Family Pet Photos at the Spirit of 76 bookstore in Marblehead, Massachussetts!


There’s A Monkey In The Shower

There’s a monkey in the shower.

(submitted by Shannon)