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Wide Open

Somebody forgot to tell Pepe that he came with a spray feature.

(submitted by Kimberlee)

Nightcap 2

This dog demonstrates how to give a home perm.

(submitted by Leslie)

Nativity 2

She was not Tiger’s first choice.

(submitted by Lucy)

Going Catty

They need to call their sponsor.

(submitted by Joey)

Horseplay 2

He wasn’t interrupting anything, was he?

(submitted by Heather)

Saturday Night Special: Doubt

Her only question was, “Why?”

(submitted by Brittney)

Happy New Year from AFPP!

(submitted by Coro)

Don’t You Forget About Me

Three is not a crowd for this kitty.

(submitted by Jenny)

Cookie Monster

Meet the face of desperation.

(submitted by Scott)


Go ahead. Take your best shot.

(submitted by Raphaela)