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Playing Dead

You gotta do what you gotta do.

(submitted by Greg)

Cat’s Out Of The Pocket

Even on the farm, you must accessorize.

(submitted by Scott)

Creme De La Creme

This little white dog think his family emasculates him.

(submitted by Michael)

Saturday Night Special: The Sleeping Bill

For some, it’s a tummy rub and some warm milk. For others, a duck on the head.

(submitted by Andrew)

The Cottontails

Even sibling rivalry is no match for a pack of cuddly bunnies.

(submitted by Courtney)

Awkward Pet Name: The Lady Shroedinger Underfoot De Velcro

(submitted by Mainframe)

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The Thinkers

They think alike.

(submitted by Jasmine)

Manger Danger

“First, my mom made my brother and me pose together as Joseph and Mary, which was weird for us for obvious reasons. And then, Daisy decided to eat baby Jesus.”

(submitted by Brittany)

Just Say No

This narcdog was top of its class at sniffing out crack.

(pic submitted by Annie, winning caption submitted by Amy)

Fistful Of Dogs

We must always strive for one more Chihuahua.

(submitted by Leonel)