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Monkey Business

You can never have too many monkeys.

(submitted by H)

Kissy Face

Not who you typically find under the mistletoe.

(submitted by Donna)

Armed and Endangered

“My aunt and uncle in the mid 80’s.”

(submitted by Dominic)

Chairman Of The Beard

You don’t get to hold the cat for nothing.

(submitted by Brendon)

The Pacifist

We’re only going to ask you once… put down the cats.

(submitted by Phillip)


He’s the understudy.

(submitted by Marica)

Loaded Tubbin

Bring on the tornado.

(submitted by stickZ)

Monkey Love

A reminder to us all that when you are holding a monkey in a dress, you must own it.

(submitted by Ted)

Doggie Pile

It’s been a long climb to the top and now only dad stands in the way.

(submitted by Joe and originally posted at

Me and My Skunk

“A pony isn’t looking so crazy now, is it, Mom?”

(submitted by Leslie)