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Wild Wild West

“In the 70s we went to a Wild West theme park and this was my parents’ idea of fun.”

(submitted by IG @sagemoonfire

The Permullets

“Our grandma used to not only give my sister and me mullets in the 80s, she would then perm them. Matching permed mullets. Need I say more?”

(submitted by Kaycee)

Easter Basket Case

“This is a photograph of my dad, my sister, and cousin. Happy Easter!”

(submitted by Alexandra)

Denim Denial

“My brother was apparently not into the denim theme.”

(submitted by IG @princissriss_


“This is a photo of my dad (far right) and his three brothers. I guess the photographer couldn’t find a larger prop to set them on, and instead had them straddle and squeeze in.”

(submitted by Mandy)

Spirit Of ’76

“Me and my two sisters at an Olan Mills studio in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1976. My mom was trying to get a surprise photo for a Christmas gift for my dad. I think there was a better option, but this was the one they went with. Obviously, we all chose outfits to match our personal style.”

(submitted by IG @sanctuaryphotographyalaska)

Denim World

“Family trip in the 80’s to Disney World. My mom thought it would be cute to have matching denim!”

(submitted by IG @tanyacalligan

Dance Til You Drop

“My brother put all he had on the dance floor the night of my parents’ 1987 Christmas party.”

(submitted by IG @hilaryeburt

The Peek Around

“My mom forced my brothers and I to take a family portrait…from this the fabled ‘peek around’ emerged.”

(submitted by Kevin)

The American Hustle

“My mom forced my brother and I to take ‘Modern Dance’ classes in the early 90s in Brooklyn. I am the one with glasses and I was not as happy as I look.”

(submitted by IG @delap)