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Send In The Clown

“My brother was the clown at our family friend’s birthday party in 1981.”

(submitted by IG @beachpugmama)

Notes On A Faceplant

“This is a photo of me faceplanting into the ground after what looks like my sister pushed me off the top.”

(submitted by Rhonda)

Garden Party

“I am the baby on the grass here. And contrary to what it looks like, I was sleeping. Mom had brought me home from the hospital in Mobile, Alabama back in 1967 (the only girl) and Dad wanted to get us all in a photo. Dad staged that ghastly floral placement but he ended up owning a very successful landscaping company for over three decades so he CLEARLY stepped up his game.”

(submitted by Rosalyn)

Salon de Bidet

“My twin girls when they were about three years old were playing hairdresser and using the bidet as a sink.”

(submitted by IG

Fun With Gravel

“I’m the big sister and while on a road trip in Chicago, we went to a playground and I was the ringleader of this little escapade which my little sister still brings up to this day.”

(submitted by IG @anabelle._e

Fam Glam

“Glamor Shots came to Ridgecrest California whem my brother and I were 9 & 10 so my mom brought us for a session!”

(submitted by IG @rissa_anne03

Fall Flinchers

“My mom loves taking fall photos. Unfortunately my family detests direct sunlight. And my youngest brother is apparently just biding his time until his next golf tournament.”

(submitted by IG @thevranchz)

Back To You

“This is a photo of my brother and me in junior high. We had gone to Olan Mills to take family pictures. Why they bothered to print this one and include it in our packet I have no idea. I’m assuming that’s the photographer’s assistant adjusting the lighting.”

(submitted by IG @mommasicilian)


“Who makes three siblings commemorate their headgear wearing days? My mom, that’s who. What teenagers agree to have a professional picture taken in said headgears? My crazy family!”

(submitted by Kathryn)

May Or May Not Have

“This is an attempt at a lovely family picture for our church’s registry.  I may or may not have pinched my sister mid photo shoot.”

(submitted by Anna)