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We honor these brave young pioneers.

(submitted by Colleen and courtesy of the very cool


These twins did everything together.

(submitted by Charlotte)

Swiss Misters

“Me with my two brothers in 1968. We just moved to Switzerland¬† where my father got a good job with a much better salary than before. So we were showing off a new bicycle, a new scooter, new clothes, and my mother’s impeccable sense of fashion.”

(submitted by Gautier in France)

The Exclusion

She wasn’t going down without a fight.

(submitted by Meaghan)

Guitar Hero

Some people are just born with it.

(sumitted by Allie)

She’s Got Pull

Don’t be fooled by her size.

(submitted by Rosalie)


Take Me Higher

Rise to the occasion.

(submitted by Jessica)

And now you can get this classic AFP on a tee!

Brothers In Arms

A version of these two live inside all of us.

(submitted by Emily)

Cobra Kai

Aye, sensei.

(submitted by Birgitte)


Even sounding like you have money can’t buy you love.

(submitted by Keith)