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Ignore Me Doing This

This little girl finally found something to smile about.

(submitted by Laura)


Seems like these two siblings could both teach each other a valuable lesson.

(submitted by Deborah)

They’re Baaack…

And with a whole new attitude. Well, except for you, guy on the left. 

(submitted by Danny)

Head In An Airplane

“The child with the pilot is my husband. His sister is in the background, for some reason, with her head in an airplane. We refer to any sort of pouting due to personal shame as a “head in an airplane.”

(submitted by Terra)


You have to start somewhere.

(submitted by Jenny)


Introducing hey, hello, and hiya.

(submitted by Dani)

Old Man Armshelf: Part Two

The answer: Leather. Lots of leather.

Old Man Armshelf

What happens when you grow up with a grandfather as badass as this? Tune in tomorrow for an update.
(submitted by Nathaniel)

Rolling the Dice

An effective way to avoid “couples skate.”


Awkward Rule #619: Other Peoples’ Pockets

(submitted by anonymous)