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The 70’s

Look Into Our Eyes

My mom and her sisters. They were told not to blink. 1978.”

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Grandpa Jack

“Found out that my Grandfather was once Jack Black.”

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Higher Education

“My dad in high school vs. my dad in college. Early to mid 1970’s.”

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Is It Safe?

“Dad removing my first loose tooth with pliers, 1977.”

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Jackass: The Early Years

“Check out my uncles gettin’ buck wild in the 70’s.”

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Mother’s Milk

“My mom showing off her parenting skills, 1978.”

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My Mother’s Gamecock

“My parents raised gamecocks back in the 70s and my dad wanted a picture of my mother with one. And now we have this lovely gem of a photograph.”

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Snow Day

“My father made this out of snow in 1976.”

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King Cobra

“My Dad in the 1970s.”

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Shoes To Fill

“My Dad’s school of parenting.”

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