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The 70’s

The Player

“My Grandma took me to the L.A. Playboy Club for my 4th birthday in 1974.”

(submitted by IG @seantraceytroubadour)

The Runaway Stroller

“This is from the spring of 1977 so I’m 3 years old and we’re at the Houston Zoo. I’m the one in the runaway stroller. My mom is the frightened woman in the red and white top realizing my stroller was rolling off and evidently, my dad took this picture as he was walking up. I don’t remember the incident so I must have come away from it unscathed.”

(submitted by Elaine)

Fit To Be Bow Tied

“Me and my brother, mid 70’s, in the classic bully shot. Can hardly blame him for pounding on me with my bow tie and vest, though. Thanks, mom and dad.”

(submitted by IG @cameronscottc

Baby Shark

“This is me in 1976 in my bedroom. My father thought putting a pool table in my bedroom was an appropriate birthday gift for a kid my age.”

(submitted by IG @val_er_ie12


Sausage Party

“My brother sitting next to my grandma in the late 1970’s in NYC. Note the sausages hanging as birthday streamers.”

(submitted by IG @tommyrockstar)

The Barfly

“Me in my Grandpa’s bar in the late 70s. Nothing to see here.”

(submitted by IG @brady0815

The Grand Banana

“Family vacation around 1974. We drove all the way to California with my father taking dozens of rolls of film. By the time we did a swing by the Grand Canyon, we were all tired. We got out of the car and this is the sole photo my father snapped of us. We spent about 3 minutes there. Long enough for my mom to finish that banana.'”

(submitted by Libby)

Crying Game

“Me making everyone uncomfortable since 1971.”

(submitted by IG @nosillamp

Ichabod Jane

“Here is a picture of my mom featuring the amazing artistry of 1970s photographic technology. I don’t get it either.”

(submitted by IG @mizweirdo


“Iran, 1970s. I was 5 years old and in the picture (I’m the smallest) with my cousins. My mum thought shaving all our hair off would make our hair roots stronger!”

(submitted by IG @pourghadiri)