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Valentine’s Day

Easy Rider

“Valentine’s Day with my favorite girl…” Read More

Bake Away The Pain

“My friend baked away her Valentine’s Day woes…”

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Bully For You

“My nephew made this for Valentine’s Day.┬áThe last entry was a bit of a surprise.”

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Everything Is Red

“Wish I could have gotten a Valentine like this…”

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A Father’s (Self-Conscious) Love

“My Valentine’s Day gift from my Dad.”

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Happy Flipping Valentine’s Day

“This was my daughter’s Kindergarten Valentine mailbox for class.”

(submitted by April)

26 Couples That Will Be Your Valentine

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Be Our Valentine

“We took a similar photo for his Mom in 1985 when he was 1 year-old (not included here). Young man was a good sport with his dad.”

(submitted by Joe)


Sometimes, you must take things into your own hands.

(submitted by Mandy)