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Floracular Spectacular

“My parents were married in 1981 and my mom wanted a picture of her looking down at her bouquet with a double-exposure of my dad’s head floating above her like she was thinking of him. Mom cried when she saw the resulting photo, but we all laugh over it now.”

(submitted by IG @mrs.baldwin18)

The Long Goodbye

“This is a picture from the end of my wedding reception back in 1998 when one of our guests gave my husband an exuberant goodbye.”

(submitted by IG @bluebird1101

The View From Above

“This is my mom and stepdad’s wedding featuring the classic 1985 photographer that just learned a new photoshop skill.”

(submitted by IG @tara.p.l

Alternative Wedding

“My dad got remarried in 2004 when I was 16 and my sister was 12. This was our attire.”

(submitted by IG @khughes215)

Reach Out And Touch

“I photographed my sister-in-law’s wedding. I knew the window overlooked a part of the hotel’s roof, but I didn’t notice the workers until after I snapped a few pictures. When I got home and downloaded all the pictures, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. Lucky for me she has a good sense of humor and allowed me to share it with you.”

(submitted by Laura)

Bridal Bath

“My photographer told me to stand in the tub and give a “sassy” pose. Not sure why we thought this was a good idea.”

(submitted by IG @ljhart82


Love Bites

“I’m about 2 or 3 in this photo. We were at a family friend’s wedding. Apparently my mom was having fun dancing and not paying attention to me. I bit her in the butt, legend has it that I drew blood.”

(submitted by Cathe)

Rear Window Regret

“It’s our wedding day and the ‘rear car window show’ shot was a popular pose back in the late 80s. Judging by my expression either my new hubby farted or I’ve just realized what I’ve done.”

(submitted by Ange)

The Meatball Metaphor

“My sister’s wedding reception came to an abrupt halt when our Dad collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance. Thankfully our Dad survived but we insisted she eat something before going to the hospital and when she opened up the food, a bag full of meatballs and gravy tumbled onto her dress which was a pretty apt metaphor for the day!”

(submitted by IG @cameronlauterer)

No Flipping

“Here’s my Mom and Dad in September 1970. This was always my favorite photo from their wedding because it’s just so cornball. You have to give credit to the photographer for the picture of my dad in the TV. This was years before Photoshop, so I’m not sure how the heck he pulled this trick off.”

(submitted by Suzie)